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   Chapter 285 Simple Life

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The Rainbow Glow Unicorn appeared and even directly made its nest in the horse stable beside Rocky's room. This happened a few days after Rocky took the insect queen back. Ever since the return, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn was bone-idle. All it did was coming in front of Rocky to ask for the magical saliva. It sounded that Rocky had turned into a walking ATM, which granted the Rainbow Glow Unicorn the magical saliva at any time it craved. This act made Rocky defenseless. He was bewildered on how to end the act from taking place again.

What caused more fuss was the unexpected incident that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn made acquaintance with Uriah and Little Rubygon. As Rocky patrolled round in the military camp, the three beasts usually connived together to intimidate the wild spirit-manipulated beast that was around. In effect, the wild spirit-manipulated beasts around the northeast military camp refrained from coming out during the day. They avoided bumping into the three "bullies" and hence they now came out at night.

But one factor led to another, wild spirit-manipulated beasts attacking human cases diminished by a notable figure around the northeast military camp. Last month, no one had been violated by any wild spirit-manipulated beast. Rocky affirmed that despite the negative things, this was a positive one to put a smirk on his face.

The negative side nearly got him into hot soup. To add the salt into the injury, the three trouble makers almost got spotted by others many times. Rocky fabricated stories to cover up for Uriah and Little Rubygon. Still, tables would turn if others found the Rainbow Glow Unicorn lived beside his place since it would be a hard nut to crack, making it challenging to justify. The Rainbow Glow Unicorn was a high-grade spiritual beast, and everybody would yearn for.

Rocky had no clue on how to handle the three trouble makers. All he could do was warn them and urge them not to put him into big trouble.

When the three beasts saw Rocky come back, they glanced at him and brushed him off. They went on their event --- enjoying the sunbath and having a nap. It was indisputable that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn and Little Rubygon were receiving the best of their time and directly cold-shouldered Rocky. If he took out the magical saliva, the two would definitely dash up and follow around him like shadows.

Rocky was acquainted with them, neglecting him. He emitted a sigh as he shook his head. Afterward, he moved to the underground nest to conduct the daily health inspection for the insect queen and the three Dark Heaven Insects. In the course

cepting the invitation from Commander in Chief. Now he is the official beast tamer, taking in charge of all the spirit-manipulated beasts of the Crimson Dragon Group." Marin thought Rocky was familiar with the news. But his dumbstruck look concluded everything that Sheridan didn't notify him anything.

"What! How in God's name could that old fellow be a deceiver? I assumed he would show back quickly. Well, now he becomes the official beast tamer, but I have to put up with all the mess he left!" Rocky yelled furiously.

Marin burst out giggling. Her giggle was like ripples in a still pond after a stone had been thrown in. Her stomach was shaking as she fought a new gale of giggles. Her sweet grin made her beauty more charming.

"What's so hilarious?" Rocky asked with an annoyed glance.

"I always regarded you as clever as a cartload of monkeys, but I presume I'm so mistaken about that! I cannot believe that now you are daft as a brush to be fooled. Ha-ha!" Marin burst into amusement.

"Do you think that is ridiculous that Sheridan played a swindle on me?" Rocky stared at her.

Marin didn't respond. Instead, she giggled hysterically on top of her voice. Seeing Rocky so dumb made her heart skip for joy.

"Verdanim, look at your master's red face! She must feel so hot now! Go get some water to help your master feel better," Rocky said to Verdanim as a pained smile glided over the corner of his lips.

"Come on! How on earth do you expect it is possible for Verdanim to follow your order?" Marin said. However, out of her expectation, Verdanim roared as raising its head, and then its head reached into the sink.

After taking in some water, it raised up its head to spray water as if there was rainfall.

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