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   Chapter 284 It Had Come

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Truthfully speaking, the research on Rubygon only achieved two thirds of the target objectives. Because even though Rubygon obeyed his orders, it failed to connect with him on a spirit level like Uriah. This made it hard for Rocky to get into Rubygon's thoughts and this made it impossible to establish a mutual communication link between them. Rubygon even acted contrary to what Rocky asked it to do sometimes.

But Rocky was determined to complete the research. He was resolved to find a way to control spirit-manipulated beasts without owners. If he succeeded in that endeavor, he would be able to command an army of spirit-manipulated beasts.

Another research that Rocky worked on was additional information about the eggs of the Dark Heaven Insect Queen. There was no record in the Beast Encyclopedia regarding the time it took between laying eggs as well as the time needed before the eggs hatched. The good news was that Rocky was able to proceed with this research as planned.

During the three months of experimentation and research, Rocky found out that the Dark Heaven Insect Queen laid regular eggs and the Dark Heaven Eggs from the same ovary. An ordinary three-star Dark Heaven Insect of the third grade needed four to six months to breed a Dark Heaven Egg. When the queen bred the Dark Heaven Eggs at the premium stage, it also laid eggs. However, the two were different. Eggs were living entities while Dark Heaven Eggs were formed from the essence of the spiritual power of the Dark Heaven Insect Queen. Thus, their systems were completely different. This observation provided Rocky with valuable information regarding his research.

Unfortunately, this information was not enough. Neither the Radiance Evaluation Skill nor the Stroking Evaluation Skill could completely scan the interior of the Dark Heaven Insect Queen's ovary.

Fortunately, Rocky acquired a new technique in the Magical Evaluation Skill which could be of great help in the evaluations that he needed to do. Compared to the Radiance Evaluation Skill and the Stroking Evaluation Skill, this new technique was closer to being magical than a technique. It allowed Rocky to complete an eva

to make them more powerful. He was aware that this was an enormous undertaking that was impossible to complete in a single day.

Moreover, the events in the past three months placed Rocky in a situation where he had to conduct numerous surgeries on different spirit-manipulated beasts. This provided him with much of the needed experience and skills. Before Sheridan left, he trained Rocky in all that he knew about the Beast Curing Skill and the knowledge that he had accumulated about the medical sciences. Taking what he had learned from Sheridan and the advanced modern surgical techniques, Rocky combined both to gain new insights and techniques.

This did not mean that Rocky was able to do complex surgeries. Complex surgeries required advanced medical equipment that was not available in the current facility and situation. Moreover, Rocky was already fully occupied with daily tasks, and he no longer had the time to build a more complex operating room.

When Rocky dragged himself into his room after a tiring day's work, he was surprised to see Uriah, Rubygon and a third beast that enjoyed relaxing as it rested on its stomach. This third beast, familiar to Rocky, sparkled with colorful lights that came from its body that made it look like its body was made of millions of tiny prisms that reflected light into an array of colors.

The third beast was the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, a beast that got Rocky into several troubles lately.

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