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   Chapter 283 A Breakthrough

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The oceans and seas welcomed countless rivers to attain greatness. And in this vast universe, Rocky felt so small and insignificant. But at the same time, he also felt relaxed, happy and enlightened. With this feeling, he felt unfettered like an eagle flying in the sky. He enjoyed the feeling of freedom that flying through the air made him feel.

Even Verdanim was ecstatic to be back in the sky. Its injury chained it to the ground for a long time. It felt its spirit was free once more as it stretched itself to embrace as much of the sky as it could while it sped through the clouds. Its wound was healed but it still needed to be careful to complete its recovery. Verdanim truly appreciated that Rocky saved it and nursed it back to health. It flew with Rocky without a care in what was happening in the world below. They flew like they were one with the clouds and the air above. After some time, they flew back in the vicinity of the northeast military camp. Like a glider they circled the air above and descended slowly.

An army of several thousand soldiers approached the northeast military camp. Rocky and Verdanim made one pass overhead at the approaching army and landed on the battlefield in front of the military camp.

"Verdanim? It's you!" Marin jumped down from her horse and rushed towards Verdanim. Verdanim could barely stand the last time Marin saw it. Three months later, Verdanim flew once more. No one, but the owner of Verdanim, could imagine how truly happy Marin was!

As Marin approached Verdanim, she was surprised when she saw a man climbed off Verdanim's back. Marin took a close look and was taken completely by surprise.

The man was none other than Rocky!

Rocky did not expect Marin to be back so soon. He never expected that Marin would see him get down from Verdanim either. Now he needed to explain how he ended up riding Verdanim.

Not only Marin was surprised by the event that unfolded before her, but also the soldiers who watched Rocky get down from the back of Verdanim. Everyone watched with disbelief, and all of a sudden, they fell into silence.

It was known to all that Verdanim was not an ordinary spirit-manipulated beast. Only a royal spirit manipulator with dragon spiritual power could ride it. But above it all, Verdanim was a war dragon owned by Marin. Even another royal spirit manipulator w

n Rocky made a deal with Marin that he would do one request from her. But Marin had not requested anything yet. He felt uneasy because he did not know if Marin would get back at him or make him dance wearing only an apron. He would never do such a thing!

He felt that seeing Marin was problematic. She was the Commander while he was nothing more than a beast breeder. If she became unhappy with him, he would have an extremely bad day. He tried to avoid Marin, but always met her accidentally. And every time they met, Rocky always did something that surprised her.

'"Forget it. I will think of this later. I need to focus on my research," Rocky sighed.

Since the war started three months ago, Rocky became extremely busy between the lab and the military camp. Some of his researches were on track while two of them were in the critical stage.

One of the topics that he was researching was how to have two spirit-manipulated beasts at the same time. Rubygon was no longer a young beast as before. One month ago, Rubygon reached adulthood and became more ferocious. For a beast above three stars, if it didn't consider you as its master, it was hard to ride it.

Fortunately, before Rubygon matured, Rocky had already spent a lot of time with it, and tamed it. Rubygon had accepted Rocky as a master before becoming fully grown.

Rubygon grew up with Rocky as a master. He had gotten used to receiving orders from Rocky and was pleased to be his mount.

Rocky's research on how to ride a spirit-manipulated beast that you didn't own had had a breakthrough.

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