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   Chapter 282 Steer A Dragon

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Three months flew by in the blink of an eye.

The main force of the northeast military camp was assigned to the battlefield, and only a few hundred were left to defend the camp. This made the camp quiet and gloomy lately. One area in the camp seemed unaffected by all the gloom. The beast farm bustled with activity and remained lively.

A group of spirit-manipulated beasts gathered at the area beyond the beast stables. Worry and concern seemed a thousand miles away from them as they lingered about.

In the middle of the throng sat Verdanim. Its giant dragon wings set it apart from among the other beasts in the area. It looked like a member of the royal family amidst its loyal subjects.

Verdanim turned towards his direction with eager eyes as Rocky approached. He then extended an arm that reached its face and stroked it lovingly.

"Your leg is almost completely healed. Walking is no longer painful for you. But I'm still not confident that it is strong enough to support your landing from flight," Rocky said with concern. He walked closer to Verdanim's leg and checked it.

Three months ago, Marin had to lead the main force of the northeast military camp on the battlefield. Because she could not assist Verdanim with the rehabilitation, she asked Sheridan for help. However, while Marin was gone for half a month, Sheridan was called to the base camp.

The task to help Verdanim was then handed over to Rocky. He also took over Sheridan's task of being in charge of the beast farm. Most of his time was occupied with his studies so when Sheridan left, Rocky became busier.

Because of the war between the Holy Dragon Empire and the Timber Deity Empire, many spirit-manipulated beasts in the battlefield became badly injured or even crippled. They were then sent to the beast farm of the northeast military camp. Many of them became unfit to ever serve in the battlefield again. Some even arrived at the brink of death. These beasts were normally abandoned afterwards. But Rocky never liked the idea of simply abandoning beasts. So he established a temporary operating ro

a dragon before, so he was really curious about how it felt like.

Verdanim raised its head and roared excitedly, and then bent down.

"OK, I will be your company for a while. Don't let your master find out about this. Otherwise I would definitely be in trouble!" If Marin found out that he steered Verdanim to fly, Rocky would get himself into trouble.

Rocky got up and sat on the area between Verdanim's neck and back. He then patted Verdanim, and it flapped its wings. Powerful currents of air flowed under Verdanim's wings as dust and debris flew up in the air. Verdanim braced itself and accelerated the flapping of its wings. The dragon was in the air after a few brief moments of flapping its wings. Verdanim felt exhilarated and rushed to the sky.

"Whoooah!" Gusts of wind flew past Rocky's ears. His surroundings changed fast from the brown and green color of the beast stable to the blue and white of the sky. Flying was a completely new experience for Rocky. It felt surreal and magical for him. He looked down and saw the northeast military camp from a different perspective. He looked all around him and a magnificent vista overwhelmed him. Rivers looked like silver threads that divided a field of deep green trees. Magnificent mountains towered above the landscape below, its white, icy peaks looked like white crowns and the clouds that flew past looked like white hair.

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