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   Chapter 281 Declaring War

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7034

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As soon as Marin finished her speech, Rocky thought, 'I am definitely in big trouble now!' Marin had learned that he had been at the northern sky military camp. But he steeled his resolve and forced a calm as he said, "How did you know this, Marin?"

"Well as they say, the day has eyes, the night has ears. I'm not saying what you did is bad; on the contrary, it's to your own merit. Why don't you want others to know about it?" Marin asked as she gave Rocky a look. Before leaving the northern sky military camp, she dispatched her man to ask about how the northern sky military camp defeated the troops of the Timber Deity Empire. They found out that a talented man had been a substantial aid to them. She was surprised to hear that the man was none other than Rocky himself.

The information was startling to Marin. But she had to admit that she was curious as to why Rocky was even at the northern sky military camp at that time.

The Commander in Chief had summoned Marin and intended to have her investigate his background when Rocky had showed off an excellent performance during the Army Flag Contest. The Commander in Chief had plans to promote him during that time. Before leaving, the Commander in Chief instructed her to pay close attention to Rocky and his movements. He wanted his every move in the military camp to be reported back to him.

But regardless of the reason that caused Rocky to help the northern sky military camp, it was a significant boost to his image. But since Rocky didn't want to take the credit, and Commander in the northern sky military camp couldn't report this to Commander in Chief.

So Marin wasn't quite sure about whether she should let the Commander in Chief know all about this. One thing that she was certain of was that the Commander in Chief would definitely want to promote Rocky once he knew everything. And this time, Rocky wouldn't be able to refuse the promotion.

Marin felt that she knew Rocky well enough to guess that he would certainly try to refuse to be promoted again. But it was unthinkable to refuse the Commander in Chief of Crimson

ity Empire. The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire grew livid at the outrage. He thought that the Timber Deity Empire was making unspeakable transgressions against them, which was a disgrace and an insult. He thus issued a royal order immediately: the Holy Dragon Empire has declared war against the Timber Deity Empire and will now make a show of intimidation against them.

Lance, the Commander in Chief of the Crimson Dragon Group, had deployed all his troops. He gathered six military camps on Gehenna Border along with fifty thousand soldiers from the base camp. He brought them all to the border of the Timber Deity Empire.

The Holy Dragon Empire declared war, just as the Timber Deity Empire had hoped. Alyssa came to border with forty thousand soldiers, defended her place there and faced the Crimson Dragon Group army head on.

Alyssa intended to break through the northern sky military camp, so that the Crimson Dragon Group would be vulnerable from the North. Afterward, she could gather her army to crack down their defensive line at the North and obtain significant strategic advantage.

Since plan A failed, she had to use plan B. That was to defend themselves and wait for the right moment to launch a deadly attack.

A few days later, the two armies met in battle, where it's a matter of to kill or to be killed on battlefields, with soldiers and spirit manipulators in combat.

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