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   Chapter 280 Who Was Prettier

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Rocky knew he had a problem in his hands when he saw the group of spirit manipulators gathered around him. He turned to Sheridan and said, "I think I need to excuse myself for the day!" He made a quick leap into the air after he spoke and landed nimbly at the rear of the group. He then moved quickly across the beast farm and disappeared.

The spirit manipulators present stared at each other in disbelief after Rocky's escape. But they were not the types who gave up easily. They nodded at each other knowing completely what to do. Then they rushed towards Rocky's last direction en masse.

"Ha-ha-ha! Hey boy, have a good time!" Sheridan smiled as he watched the group of spirit manipulators chased after Rocky. He felt a tinge of guilty pleasure seeing Rocky's discomfort.

Rocky never expected that the spirit manipulators would run after him. He suddenly felt an odd sense of urgency and he ran even faster that left a small cloud of dust across the military camp grounds.

The spirit manipulators who chased Rocky drew closer every minute. Rocky was unable to shake them off. A few of Rocky's pursuers were smart enough to cut his escape. Thus, they blocked the camp gate. They accurately deduced that Rocky would likely try to escape the military camp. And it would be impossible to catch up to him once he was outside the military camp.

'Holy crap!' Rocky exclaimed to himself. He suddenly dreaded the possibility of getting caught. That meant that he would be bored for the rest of the day. He scanned the area for a means of losing his pursuers and he saw the flags that flew in the air. The Commander's quarters! A crazy idea formed in his mind and he grabbed it without hesitation. He decided to break into the Commander's quarters. Rocky passed by unnoticed. The guards looked at each other, puzzled, as the sensation of a passing wind brushed past them.

Rocky made great progress in the past few weeks for he was able to improve by two to three grades compared to where he was three months ago.

Rocky's pursuers stopped as they approached the Commander's quarters. They dared not enter. They knew that any uninvited entry into the Commander's quarters was tantamount to trespassing with a punishment that was just as severe. They found it hard to believe that Rocky entered the Commander's quarters just to evade them. Although they worried about the consequences of Rocky's reckless decision, they did not want to get in trouble themselves and immediately left the vicinity of the Commander's quarters.

Rocky observed every move that his pursuers made as soon as he was safe inside the Commander's quarters. He felt relieved when he saw his pursuers dispersed. At almost the same time, Rocky suddenly became aware of a pair of eyes that quietly and intently stared at his back. He turned slowly and his eyes were immediately lost in the beautiful pair of eyes that stared back at him unwaveringly. The eyes of Marin. A faint smile crossed her lips

d in a pretentious tone. She sounded as if she knew exactly what Rocky's reply would be. "Do you know the name of this new girl?" she asked with a mocking smile.

"Her name is... Oh-umm. Y-Y-Yoyo. Yes, right, Yoyo! She is really as beautiful as a Yo-Yo. Do you know that feeling? As she walked past you, you feel like you're slowly floating... You can't help but be captivated by her smile. It felt like..." Rocky tried hard to continue his story. His eyes sparkled as he pictured a beautiful girl in front of him.

"Does she have a beautiful body?" Marin asked. Her question pressed Rocky further.

"Yes. Of course. It was gorgeous! Why, Commander? Are you also interested in women?" Rocky replied. At the same time, Rocky wondered what went on in Marin's mind. Why was she asking these strange questions?

"Do I have a more gorgeous body than her?" Marin asked without blinking. Her question had a tone that demanded an answer that was both blunt and sincere. It took Rocky completely off guard. He had never heard Marin talk that way before. 'What the hell is going on?' Rocky asked himself nervously.

"Err. Um. That is..." Rocky did not know what to say. He didn't want to compare Marin with someone who did not exist. Rocky knew that if he said that Yoyo's body was more gorgeous, Marin would take that statement as Rocky's way of saying that her body was not gorgeous at all. But Marin's body was truly beautiful. She had a curvy figure that was always hidden under her military uniform. On the other hand, if Rocky said that Marin's body was more gorgeous, it would mean to Marin that Rocky still had the image of what happened that night vividly in his mind. He realized that he was completely trapped with Marin's questions. There was no way for him to get out!

"Okay, stop making up stories. You went to the northern sky military camp. Do you think you can fool us that easily?" Marin giggled when she saw that Rocky was in a complete state of shock and horror.

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