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   Chapter 279 A Miracle

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Timber deity troops encountered a terrible defeat. This was after they instituted a sudden attack on northern sky military camp. One timber spirit manipulator of the Heavenly Stage and almost ten spirit manipulators of the Earthly Stage had lost their lives. They had hidden the battle and had to retrieve and head back without stopping.

Alyssa had plotted the raid. All the rage came out faster than a magma. It was because the failure would ruin all her later plans. Her fear tortured her guts, churning her intense stomach cramps. Her plan would be breached, and this would signal her enemies. They would plan themselves and be one stride ahead of her. Her arrangements in launching an ambush on them became hard to implement.

"The raid was highly confidential, and they were in the darkness about this attack. Can someone explain why you failed it? Despite only a thousand persons taking part in the attack, all of them were considered being the pick of the litter amongst their peers having the rigorous ranking. They were equivalent to the force of that small military camp of Crimson Dragon Group in combat ability. Your sole mission was to take advantage of their weakest state and attack them. But that seemed to be an uphill task to you. Such a waste!" Alyssa's temper was on a hair-trigger. She yelled, saliva spitting out with each jiggered word. Her trace of the Divine Stage looked brighter and shattered the table in front of her. She was staring at the Commander in charge of the raid with an icy hostility look. It was as if her brain had suffered a massive short circuit and was struggling to compute. Their defeat was unimaginable to her.

She had allotted herself to making this strategy work out. She required a proper-established approach to carry out her mission. Having consumed all that time, it was well prepared and was a careful plan. She was sure and knew beyond a reasonable doubt they would crack down the northern sky military camp. This would be a magnificent start for a battle. Now her plans blew up

t-manipulated beast got injured in its foot. Could you please treat it?"

"First come first served. I came first. So please come to check my beast first. It suffers severe diarrhea and doesn't become better after taking the medicines!"

"My beast..."

The crowd gabbled.

Rocky stared at Sheridan, his eyes resting not unblinking but slowed while wondering, 'Why did they request me to check out their beasts? That shall be Sheridan's work!'

"None of my business," Sheridan said like an innocent lamb.

The truth was, the news that Rocky saved Verdanim spread like wildfire in the northeast military camp. He became the most popular man, and there were loads of stories about him. It was perceived that he was an outstanding surgeon.

Verdanim was taking its last breath, but he saved it. For spirit manipulators in the northeast military camp this was a piece of pleasant news. Spirit-manipulated beasts were vulnerable. Their manipulators might have to discard them once they were injured and couldn't be cured.

If it was a one-star spirit-manipulated beast, its manipulator would desert it without compassion. For two-star one, its manipulator would falter to discard it, since it was not a walk in the park getting one.

Therefore, everyone in the camp regarded Rocky, the savior with special respect and considered him as a miracle.

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