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   Chapter 278 It Is A Secret! (Part Two)

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"Commander Marin, thank you very much for coming to help us this time. If you have no more business here, I think you and your army can leave now. I am sorry that I am too busy to see you off. After all, we just went through a fierce battle and have a lot of things to settle before we can rest," Commander Sun said lightly. Inside, he was panicked as he prayed that she would cause no trouble and leave. He cupped one hand in the other before his chest in greeting to Marin. Then, he turned away immediately without waiting for any response and left with hurried steps.

Marin narrowed her eyes at Commander Sun. His actions confirmed that he had hidden something from her. She turned towards her soldiers and called out to a spirit manipulator, plans already gathering in her head. She discretely whispered her orders in his ear and watched him leave in obedience. Afterward, she ordered her own army in preparation to leave. It might be difficult to accept, but it was true that she did not have any outright reason to stay in this camp.

Marin and his men were almost out of the northeast military camp when the spirit manipulator she had sent out came back. He looked bewildered as he walked to Marin and whispered a few words to his commander.

After listening to the report of the spirit manipulator, Marin was visibly taken aback. She stared at her subordinate in surprise, as she looked for confirmation that he told her the truth.

"Are you sure what you heard was true?" Marin asked with great surprise. "How accurate are your sources?"

"Yes, I am sure. I have confirmed it already and asked a few more people who gave me the same answers. In fact, the entire northern sky military camp agrees on this. However, they are under orders to keep this a secret," the spirit manipulator answered. He exuded confidence in his answers and did not hesitate, even as his commander stared him down.

"I see," Marin bit her lip as she thought how to proceed. "

re hours' rest, Rocky finally felt that he was refreshed again.

Now that he had caught the rare Dark Heaven Insect Queen, Rocky would no longer have to rush around to capture the Dark Heaven Insects. As long as he could breed the queen well, it would produce more insects for him. Rocky smiled dreamily as he thought that maybe in the near future, he would be able to own a spirit-manipulated beast army formed by the Dark Heaven Insects. If he had such an army, he would be envied by all the people of the Wild Spirit Land.

The dreamy smile was wiped from his face as he thought of how naive this idea was. Rocky knew that it was not easy to carry out. He was aware that the hatching rate of the eggs produced by the queen was extremely low. Improvement of the hatching rate was possible but only if a comprehensive study of the queen was conducted first. The spirit-manipulated beasts were rather different from the genetic beasts, thus their biological structures were vastly different. Even worse, the body structures of the spirit-manipulated beasts were far more complicated than the genetic beasts'. Another thing that he needed to remedy was that he had no knowledge of how long and how frequent the queen produced eggs. Thus, he probably should focus on the study of the queen before anything else.

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