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   Chapter 277 It Is A Secret! (Part One)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7149

Updated: 2020-01-19 00:02

Commander Sun, the top leader of the northern sky military camp, had immediately ordered the corpses to be cleared as soon as the enemies had been defeated and retreated. His men worked tirelessly as they cleared away the corpses of the wild spirit-manipulated beasts scattered throughout the military camp. Marin arrived right after they had finished, eyes wide in confusion. She had no idea how the northern sky military camp could defeat the strong enemies. As a matter of fact, her suspicion was right. The northern sky military camp couldn't defeat their enemies alone. Earlier, Rocky had used the Dark Heaven Insect Queen to attract those wild spirit-manipulated beasts to help the northern sky military camp defeat the enemies. Commander Sun was under no inclination to tell her the truth. Under his stern orders, his soldiers were instructed not to leak any information about what had transpired.

"Commander Marin, do you think that our northern sky military camp can't repel the army of the Timber Deity Empire? Although they were very strong, they had only a thousand soldiers. We, northern sky military camp, had at least two thousand soldiers, twice as many as them at that time," Commander Sun told her seriously as he tried to look offended. He also put on a proud look as if he was an outstanding military array master who was capable and prevented the attack of their enemies.

There was a saying that lying is done better when you give truths together with your lies. This was exactly what he was doing. It was true that his men were twice the number of the army of the Timber Deity Empire. Despite this, the strength of one soldier of the Timber Deity Empire seemed equal to five of his men. He resented the truth but his men were far weaker than their enemies. It did not matter if they were as many as the sand on the shore, they would still have been slaughtered by their enemies without help. Luckily, Rocky, the breeder of the northeast military camp, came just in time and offered them help. Rocky had made all the difference.

"I did not mean to offend you, Commander Sun. I just felt that something here is not

know that he showed up in the northern sky military camp and led them to victory. Rocky also did not want to get the merit of repelling the enemies' raids. Commander Sun was naturally happy to take all the credit to his own camp. His heart suddenly pounded fast and he could not conceal the smugness on his face as he thought about the rewards and accolades that he would receive.

Marin could hear what Commander Sun said, but her mind was absent. Although Commander Sun looked like a small man intoxicated by success, he still managed to keep the northern sky military camp safe under the sudden and fierce attack of the Timber Deity Empire. It indeed deserved merit. However, she still felt that there was something wrong with the situation. She kept her eyes on Commander Sun as if she could stare the secrets out from him.

Meanwhile, Commander Sun felt cold sweat as it ran through his back. Marin stared at him as if she knew what really happened. He continued his act to be smug victorious, but inside he trembled in fear and guilt. He respected Marin and knew she was a capable commander. Despite her youth and gender, she had been appointed as commander. And from the rumors that he heard, she was not far away from a promotion and transfer to the base camp. Thus, he had to be cautious in front of Marin. It would be possible that the longer she stayed here, the higher chance that she would realize the truth.

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