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   Chapter 276 Getting Rid of A Potential Hazard

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7500

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The timber spirit manipulator wasn't one to confront the tough with more toughness. He guessed that Rocky would soon reach his limit and would have to dismiss the Spirit Possession after this attack. He only needed to withstand it and then Rocky would be powerless to launch another attack. Blocking Rocky's current attack was simple for him.

In the twinkling of an eye, Rocky was suddenly standing close to the timber spirit manipulator. He was gathering all of his spiritual power as this would be the last attack he could launch. If he failed to take the timber spirit manipulator down, he wouldn't have a second chance. Putting all of his strength behind it, Rocky threw his punch. The intense spiritual power pooled into his fist and it grew. Then it became a blast wave, blinding in light, as though tides were about to surge through the timber spirit manipulator.

The timber spirit manipulator believed that Rocky had exerted all his strength to throw this single punch. In response, he focused and released the spiritual power of Thunder nature. A thunder shield materialized in front of him to clash against spiritual power from Rocky.

Two streams of fierce spiritual power intertwined in the sky. There was the intermittent roar of thunder and the brief sizzling flashes of fire. These two streams eliminated each other in the fighting. And at last, they were used up and they disappeared after a burst of light.

At the same time, a light flashed onto Rocky and the Spirit Possession dissipated. Uriah separated from Rocky as a beast and landed on the ground. The beast was so exhausted and was barely able to stay standing. Both Rocky and Uriah were completely depleted.

After Rocky dissipated the state of Spirit Possession, the timber spirit manipulator snorted. Knowing that Rocky was now nothing more than a sacrificial lamb, he was confident that he had no power to counterattack.

"Thunder-sharp Fist!" The timber spirit manipulator threw an earth-rattling punch as Rocky stood unprepared, having just dismissed Spirit Possession. It was so powerful that even the wind caused by the punch could lacerate one's skin. The timber spirit manipulator called up his last reserves of spiritual power.

Just as the punch w

timber deity troops who were attacking northern sky military camp suffered a great loss, after fighting off numerous feral spirit-manipulated beasts. Seeing the troops of northern sky military camp returning, they had to retreat.

Commander of northern sky military camp felt relieved after the timber deity troops retreated. He thought of Rocky and felt worried about him. So he sent out his best men to look for him. However, they returned empty-handed; Rocky had disappeared.

Half day later, leading a troop of northeast military camp, Marin came in for reinforcements. But once she reached northern sky military camp, she found that the timber deity troops had been beaten off.

"Commander Sun, I got messages sent by pigeons and they said that the Timber Deity Empire dispatched powerful troops to attack you by surprise. Among them were three spirit manipulators above the Heavenly Stage and lots of spirit manipulators of the Earthly Stage. I couldn't imagine how managed to defeat them, since you only have two thousands soldiers," Marin told the Commander doubtfully as she stood in the middle of northern sky military camp. Judging by the chaos that reigned, she had an idea as to how fierce and violent the attack was.

But the truth was that the pandemonium and substantial damage accrued at site were caused by spirit-manipulated beasts attracted by Rocky. Nevertheless, it was because of him that the northern sky military camp was able to temporarily hold off the danger.

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