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   Chapter 274 A Half-human

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The superior power and more skillful spiritual martial arts of the timber spirit manipulator easily dominated Rocky. Only the assistance of the Dark Heaven Insect Queen prevented Rocky's total defeat from his opponent.

The intense battle and the effects of the Centipede-snake's venom had almost completely exhausted the Dark Heaven Insect Queen. Rocky was almost at the same state after the intense battle with the timber spirit manipulator.

"This timber spirit manipulator is truly powerful. His spiritual race, naturally born with the power of thunder, makes him a truly formidable foe. Each attack required an enormous amount of power to match!" Rocky said to himself as he analyzed the powerful opponent before him. If the power of the Holy Dragon Bead had not been sealed, then Rocky would probably have a chance to salvage the encounter. However, this was not the reality of the situation.

Uriah and Rubygon had both almost reached their limits as they fought the Jumbo Horned Beetle. This made the situation even worse for Rocky.

If the fight continued the same way, Rocky knew that they would all be doomed. The only choice, it seemed, was to come up with a maneuver that would take the opposing spirit manipulator by surprise. Otherwise, absolute defeat would be the only fate that waited for them.

"Death is upon you now!" the Timber spirit manipulator exclaimed as he skillfully executed another martial arts maneuver. His spiritual power of Thunder nature took the shape of a ferocious shadow wolf that charged at Rocky as soon as it completely materialized.

The attack was impossible to meet head on, this Rocky knew full well. He moved away from the approaching attack at the last minute to avoid getting blind-sided by any follow-up attack. Rocky turned after avoiding the attack at the last minute towards the timber spirit manipulator. His opponent let out a maniacal laugh and then disappeared into thin air.

The timber spirit manipulator immediately materialized beside him and exclaimed, "Thunder Chains!" before Rocky could do anything.

A link of chains that crackled with electrical energy, materialized and bound Rocky! Rocky felt like he was struck by a jolt of electricity! He was paralyzed and was unable to move!

The shock brought by the energy of the chain severely limited Rocky's movement and his opponent took advantage of this. He slammed his palm directly at Rocky's chest. The force sent Rocky backwards. He fell to the ground in a heap and spat out blood.

"Ha-ha..." The Thunder Chains prevented Rocky from making a counterattack. The timber spirit manipulator walked towards Rocky and attacked him with a Thunder

his opponent was one truly sly individual. When Rubygon successfully threw the horned beetle off balance and towards the unstoppable course to the Dark Heaven Insect Queen, Rocky smeared the insect queen's tail with Centipede-snake's venom. Therefore, what struck the horned beetle was a combination of the Centipede-snake's venom and the insect queen's own poison. Both of which simultaneously paralyzed and weakened the horned beetle as it died helplessly unable to free itself from its deadly impalement. Ultimately, the horned beetle was just another victim of Rocky's accurate and swift planning.

Rocky glanced at the timber spirit manipulator with emotionless eyes. What met his gaze was a man overflowing with rage and bitterness.

"You bastard! I will make you suffer for that!" the Timber spirit manipulator growled. His face turned crimson; the veins on his neck and forehead bulged as it throbbed; liquid rage pumped throughout his entire being. The Thunder Light radiated forth from his body and made him look like a living torch of electrical energy as he rushed towards Rocky at full speed throwing down all his defenses. His mind was filled with a singular obsessive objective to kill Rocky.

"Spirit Possession!" Rocky called forth. He waited for this opportunity that seemed to him would never come at all. Rocky released all of his spiritual energy and turned himself into a living shadow. At the same time, a shadow beast appeared and fused with his entire being.

When the timber spirit manipulator reached Rocky's location, a Fire Light filled the entire area. The timber spirit manipulator stopped and stared at the magnificent Fire Light that slowly faded away before him. When the Fire Light completely faded away, a humanoid form stood before him.

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