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   Chapter 273 Obedience

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Seeing the scorpion tail rushing down at him, Rocky only knitted his brows. Yet he stood stock still, unmoved. Determination was glinting in his eyes, and an air of heroism and total control was surrounding him.

The timber spirit manipulator was caught by surprise at the sight of Rocky's resolve to not make even a move to dodge the insect queen's scorpion tail. Stunned, he thought, 'What the hell wrong with this man? Is he suicidal right now?! Whatever, it's his funeral. This just means that the Dark Heaven Insect will save me the trouble of dealing with this guy. Ha-ha!'

As a loud bang echoed in the air, the scorpion tail had impaled deep into the ground. There was an implosion of sand spread around where Rocky stood, obscuring vision.

The timber spirit manipulator sneered as he watched this all take place. He was certain that Rocky had been killed by the Dark Heaven Insect. He was just about to turn to leave when the scorpion tail suddenly shot up. And he saw a vague figure standing behind it.

"What the hell!?" The timber spirit manipulator choked out a cry. His wide eyes were filled with vivid astonishment. "How is this possible?!" Rocky stood behind the tail without so much as a scratch on him.

In the fog of battle, Rocky had done the impossible: he had succeeded in taming the Dark Heaven Insect under such critical circumstances. He could only credit to the Beast Taming Skill for the success.

He had fully consumed all the Beast Taming Skills that Sheridan had taught him alongside the supplementary knowledge on zoology and animal genetics. Ultimately, this was the key to his success. Rocky won the insect queen's trust with his sincerity and friendliness; something that would even astonish Sheridan himself if he were here to witness the feat of recruiting the insect queen as his helper.

Rocky merely shot the timber spirit manipulator an indifferent look before he turned his attention to the Dark Heaven Insect, saying, "Thank you so much! Don't worry. I'll take very good care of you."

The Dark Heaven Insect roared its answer before it stared at the timber spirit manipulator, who had previously tried to kill it. Now that it had regained its strength, it would definitely have a bone to pick with him.

The timber spirit manipulator, for his part, was still frozen in shock, unable to believe that Rocky survive

d tumultuous.

"Nebula Cloud Transformation!" Facing the three thunderbolts, Rocky threw out his hands and activated his attack. His spiritual power channeled between his palms, forming a ball of nebula-like light. He then threw the ball of power at the thunderbolts.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The impact between their spiritual power strikes shook the ground. Deafening echoes rang through the air, and dazzling light blinded their vision.

The Thunder Bursts Strike from the timber spirit manipulator was ultimately more forceful. He remained far stronger than Rocky was, after all, and the spiritual martial arts he summoned were superior to the Nebula Cloud Transformation. Rocky's attack only counteracted a single thunderbolt. The other two were still there, crashing towards him. And just when the bolts were merely an inch away from him, a long shadow descended from the air and shielded him from the attack.

The two bolts disappeared into thin air as they struck against the long shadow with bangs.

"Thanks!" Rocky replied, pleased, to the insect queen. It was its scorpion tail that protected him from the two thunderbolts.

The timber spirit manipulator's jaw practically fell to the ground. Not only had the insect queen spared Rocky's life, but now it even shielded him from the attack. He could not understand why this insect queen would be so submissive in front of Rocky. Was this insect queen a pet now?

Shaking off his shock, the timber spirit manipulator only strengthened his intent to kill Rocky.

The fight, in equal turn, began to intensify.

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