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   Chapter 272 A Risky Try

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Rocky understood very well that his chance to win a direct confrontation against the timber spirit manipulator was very low. Uriah and Rubygon fighting together would be a match for the Jumbo Horned Beetle alone. Rocky had to go against the timber spirit manipulator by himself and this placed him at a great disadvantage. He desperately needed help to win.

The weakened Dark Heaven Insect Queen caught Rocky's attention. The venom had weakened the queen enough that it remained immobile. Rocky wondered what would happen if he helped the queen to get rid of the venom in its body. He wondered if it would feel grateful enough to help.

There was nothing that assured the success of this idea. The queen could easily attack Rocky, once it regained its strength, for he weakened it in the first place.

"Definitely risky...but I have no other choice!" Rocky quickly made up his mind. There was no time to come up with other ideas at that point.

The roar of the Jumbo Horned Beetle filled the air as it entered the area coming from the Magic Spiritual Space. The trees trembled from the deep sound of its roar. The ground shook and dust motes rose up to the air as if greeting its arrival. It stared at Rocky, Uriah and Rubygon with keen fury.

"Go get them, boy!" It was obvious that the timber spirit manipulator intended to let his spirit-manipulated beast do all the fighting. He was convinced that his pet was more than enough. His initial impression of Rocky caused him to grossly underestimate Rocky's abilities.

The Jumbo Horned Beetle rushed at Rocky's group. Despite his predicament, Rocky remained calm and made whistling signals that were all too familiar to Uriah and Rubygon. They immediately knew exactly what to do. Uriah bounded towards the rushing horned beetle with Rubygon close behind. They moved from left to right and then to the left once more as they moved forward. This confused the horned beetle where to attack and from which direction to defend.

Their movements created that initial confusion that bought them the needed advantage for that first clash.

The fight with the Dark Heaven Insect Queen had weakened both Uriah and Rubygon. The magical saliva was not enough to bring them both to their peak power with very little time to rest after that last fight. They now went against a Jumbo Horned Beetle at the third grade of three-star level. They were obviously at a disadvantage.

The melee escalated very quickly.

Uriah and Rubygon blocked the horned beetle well. Rocky set his eyes


The magical saliva not only accelerated the metabolism to easily heal wounds, it also detoxified the body of its imbiber. Each ounce of the magical saliva that the queen drank counteracted the effects of the Centipede-snake's venom that paralyzed it. The queen wriggled on the ground as the magical saliva took effect.

The Dark Heaven Insect Queen raised its scorpion tail slowly as the magical saliva worked on its body.

Rocky then worried about what the queen would do after it regained its strength from the magical saliva. He faced the possibility of getting killed by the Dark Heaven Insect Queen as payback for what it suffered from Rocky earlier or help Rocky to win against the timber spirit manipulator.

Rocky started to feel apprehensive of what the insect queen would decide to do.

Rocky slowly positioned himself in front of the insect queen as he gave it the magical saliva to show that his intentions were pure. It was part of the Beast Taming Skill that Rocky learned from Sheridan. The timber spirit manipulator tried to see what Rocky was doing but Rocky's back was towards him and that was all he could see at that distance.

This was a risky plan from the start and Rocky understood the risks, and that he literally gambled with his life on it. But Rocky had no other choice. Either he succeeded in soliciting the aid of the Dark Heaven Insect Queen or perished in the attempt.

Hostility flashed from the eyes of the insect queen. The memory of how it suffered in the hands of Rocky just minutes earlier was still fresh in its mind.

The Dark Heaven Insect Queen's scorpion tail pointed towards Rocky and rushed at him with unearthly speed!

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