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   Chapter 271 A New Space

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However, the timber spirit manipulator, who was standing in front of Rocky, did not care nor wanted to know how he subdued the Dark Heaven Insect Queen. Rather, he was interested in getting hold of the advanced Dark Heaven Egg. He also did not know that the Dark Heaven Insect at the third grade of the three-star level, was in reality, a queen among its species, and also that it was extremely rare. Therefore, it could be regarded as an invaluable spirit-manipulated beast. Had he known these facts, then he would have definitely killed Rocky without hesitating for a second, and taken the insect away by any means he could.

However, at that time, the timber spirit manipulator seemed to be struggling slightly, and turning to Rocky, looking serious, he said, "It is still dangerous here. I suggest that you better leave immediately, or the Holy Dragon Empire's army will soon invade this area. They will kill you, if they find you."

On hearing the timber spirit manipulator's words, Rocky was alarmed, and it was evident by looking at face that he was panicking. Therefore, he asked nervously, "Is it true? Do you really think so? Then, in that case, I will do as you say, for no doubt the insect I have is priceless, but not when I compare it with my life. Here, I give it to you for your sound advice and for reminding me that if I live, I can get many more insects. Anyway, as I am going to run away to save my life, this insect will be nothing but a burden to me." After saying that, he nodded to Uriah and Little Rubygon, and vanished.

With Rocky out of the way, the timber spirit manipulator showed his contempt for Rocky's foolishness, whom he had cheated with his false words. He sneered loudly, "People from the Roaring Flame Empire are stupid! He believed what I said blindly and did not question me even once! No wonder they lost the tributes. What a bunch of hopeless idiots they are!" Muttering curses, the timber spirit manipulator could not prevent himself from getting closer to the insect that Rocky had already subdued. He could not wait to get his hands on it - after all the advanced Dark Heaven Egg was in that creature's body.

"It is a pity that I will kill it immediately, but that is better than handing it over with the eggs that are in its belly," the timber spirit manipulator whispered, blinded by his greed. He had decided to kill the creature because if he were to catch the Dark Heaven Insect alive this time, then he would be compelled to turn it over, including those precious eggs, to the authorities. Therefore, when he compared giving over those things that were crucial for cultivation to killing it, the latter choice made sense to him. That was because, by doing that, he would be able to increase his power in the futu

t of his chest, in his usual manner.

"But, that is impossible! I have never heard of any spirit manipulator, who can control two beasts at the same time. This is not possible. Do you have someone with you?" The timber spirit manipulator could not believe what he saw, and looked around, alarmed and surprised.

"Clever! Yes, my man is hiding nearby, waiting to take the first opportunity to attack you. Be careful, you will either get hurt, or die," Rocky threatened.

"Hum, I hope you guys can still save yourselves. I, hereby, summon you - Jumbo Horned Beetle!" Saying those words, the timber spirit manipulator smiled cunningly. Then, shouting aloud, he raised his arm heavenward and released the spiritual power, which sundered the sky, and a spirit-manipulated beast emerged. It was as huge as an elephant with three curved tusks that emitted a foul smell, and thundered threateningly.

The area from which the giant elephant-like creature had emerged was the Magic Spiritual Space, which only those who had already reached the Heavenly Stage, could open. Many regarded it as an independent platform, which was usually used to keep spirit-manipulated beasts. But it could also be viewed as a battlefield for spirit manipulators. As the place was isolated, the fights did not cause any damage to the outside world.

"It is a spirit-manipulated beast at the third grade of the three-star level!" After Rocky had seen what was happening and who had appeared on the scene, he started treating his opponent, seriously. A Heavenly Staged timber spirit manipulator, together with his high level beast, was definitely one of the most difficult combinations to win.

However, Rocky had to act fast for there was no time to lose. He also knew that his chances at winning were slim. But, he could not give up the Dark Heaven Insect Queen.

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