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   Chapter 270 The New Emergency

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The last time Rocky dealt with two Dark Heaven Insects at the same time was comparatively harder. His power was weaker the last time. This time he went against a four-star Dark Heaven Insect Queen at the third grade. Though he was already extremely exhausted for his present encounter, Uriah and little Rubygon were both more powerful so he had nothing to worry about.

Little Rubygon in particular had the potential to be a three-star spirit-manipulated beast at the first grade, an equivalent of a spirit manipulator at the Earthly Stage. Without Uriah and little Rubygon, it was impossible for Rocky to subdue the Dark Heaven Insect Queen.

The Dark Heaven Insect Queen was at a disadvantage when one of its hind legs was injured. It tried to use its fierce spiked scorpion tail but to no avail. Rocky retaliated with a surprise attack that hit the Dark Heaven Insect Queen. The Dark Heaven Insect Queen's most effective attack was disabled. Its movement was impaired and this made it easier to deal with.

But a head-on confrontation with the Black Heaven Insect Queen was still dangerous. So Rocky decided to approach it with a well-planned strategy.

Uriah, little Rubygon and Rocky all contributed to the victory. Rocky just recently improved from the second grade of the Earthly Stage to the sixth grade of the Earthly Stage. Most spirit manipulators spent several years to a decade in order to achieve a similar amount of improvement. But Rocky achieved that much improvement in a matter of a few months; an achievement that most spirit manipulators considered impossible. Rocky's current power level was a major contributor to the Dark Heaven Insect Queen's defeat.

A Dark Heaven Insect Queen laid eggs that hatched into larvae of Dark Heaven Insects. Similar to three-star Dark Heaven Insects at the third grade, the Dark Heaven Insect Queen bred Dark Heaven Eggs at the premium stage, and these were highly valued for their ability to assist in the cultivation of spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage. With the assistance of the Dark Heaven Eggs, the improvement of spirit manipulators beyond the Heavenly Stage produced was close to twice the effect with only half the effort. This was why many spirit manipulators at the Supernal Stage preferred the Dark Heaven Eggs.

Capturing the Dark Heaven Insect Queen was like catching golden coins dr

"A collector?" The timber spirit manipulator was shocked for he had never heard of anyone who was a collector.

"Were you the one who subdued the Dark Heaven Insect?" the timber spirit manipulator asked. He stared at the Dark Heaven Insect Queen lying on its stomach, with greed in his eyes. His initial assessment told him that it was a three-star Dark Heaven Insect at the third grade, but he didn't know that it was a rare Dark Heaven Insect Queen.

"Yes and no," Rocky replied playfully.

"What do you mean?" the timber spirit manipulator asked puzzled. He failed to realize that Rocky played with him.

"I found it in a weakened state. I believe it was dying. I took advantage of the situation and shot a few arrows to weaken it further. Now I am going to gather anything valuable that it has," Rocky replied calmly.

"Really?" The timber spirit manipulator was suspicious of Rocky's response. Avarice blazed in his eyes.

A brief observation quickly revealed that the timber spirit manipulator was a merciless and wicked man. He merely waited for the slightest flaw in Rocky's statements and he would kill Rocky without hesitation. The token that Rocky possessed granted Rocky a slight defense from the timber spirit manipulator's vigilance. He could not completely dismiss Rocky's words for the token signified that Rocky was a person of great honor.

The presence of the timber spirit manipulator complicated things for Rocky, however. Transporting the Dark Heaven Insect Queen back was impossible while the timber spirit manipulator was in the vicinity.

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