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   Chapter 269 Crazy Capture

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"There is no need for me to spend time in capturing Dark Heaven Insects from now on. I need to get this one insect to obtain the myriad of insects!" Rocky grinned. His mind was filled with ecstasy. He was so exhilarated, that it was reflected on his face. The egg laid by a Dark Heaven Insect Queen had the ability to hatch. He would definitely have numerous Dark Heaven Insects.

According to what was recorded in the Beast Encyclopedia, the Queen would lay a minimum of ten eggs at a single time. The insect Queen was fecund. Despite this fact, there was a very low possibility for at least one of the eggs to hatch out into larvae or none would hatch. The larva must hatch out before the egg would ossify, and this period of time was very limited. If the larva doesn't come out of the egg in the given time, it would get sealed within the egg. This created the Dark Heaven Insects out of the common to obtain.

Holy Dragon Empire had captured a Dark Heaven Insect Queen before and it was raised in the empire as a rare species. It created a marvelous sensation. The empire hired Sheridan, the most powerful beast tamer of that time, and the master of Priest Dean to raise it. They tried their best to improve the chances of hatching the eggs. But their hard work and dedication only gave a disappointing result. In the end, Holy Dragon Empire was mournful that this Dark Heaven Insect Queen suddenly died for unknown reasons.

"No matter which great expert in this world tries, they might not have a better way to improve the chance of egg hatching. There is only one way to achieve this-modern gene technology," Rocky said with immense confidence. He had astonishing achievements in genetic beast reproduction. He had silk-stocking experience in helping the infertile female genetic beast produce eggs at one given time and hatch genetic beast eggs.

From the experience Rocky had had, he could say that the low egg hatching was because of the defectiveness in their gene.

The only thing he had to do now was to lay hold of this Dark Heaven Insect Queen and take it home.

This Dark Heaven Insect was more powerful than other third grade of three-star spirit-manipulated beasts because it reached the four stars. With a spirituous long-distanced lethality, its unique spiked scorpion tail intensified the attack force that was exerted. The particularity which was possessed by this insect was so unique that it became the Queen of all.

This insect's skills were too high. It was above the third grade of the four-star level. Rocky was confronting this Dark Heaven Insect which was both offensive and defensive. It was no wonder that it

rope became so tight now, that the insect's tail couldn't even move an inch.

The Dark Heaven Insect Queen fell into the trap of something dangerous, so it roared with anger. It tried to get rid of the rope by waving its tail. But, Uriah's strength was unassailable. The insect couldn't budge an inch.

Rocky was approaching the insect and released Nebula Cloud Transformation toward it. The Dark Heaven Insect was instantly covered by nebula light. "Bang!" The sound was heard. The power that was given out was enormous that, the stones and earth were flying around the insect. Tremendously injured, the insect roared in severe pain.

Rocky's attack infuriated it. The insect took constant efforts to wave its tail. Uriah wasn't able to stand steadily because of its pulling. The insect was so outraged and desperate to fall out of the trap.

Rocky knew if he couldn't capture it before its tail was retrieved, it would end up being a headache for him. So he launched another fierce attack towards the insect by using all of his spiritual power and spiritual martial arts. After a round and ground attack, Rubygon came to help them.

Uriah, on the other hand, put in all its effort to pull the tail and tried to buy time for Rocky and Rubygon.

Unable to withstand the round after round attacks, the insect was dazzled. By another two bone arrows, its two front legs were also hurt now. After this powerful attack, the insect could no more hold its ponderous body and collapsed on the ground.

This made Rocky seem so relieved. His spiritual power was almost consumed to nil. If the insect was able to even resist for another second, the one lying on the ground would be Rocky! The Dark Heaven Insect Queen would counterattack violently at that time.

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