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   Chapter 267 Rocky's Excellent Plan

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On the far end of the battlefield, the wild spirit-manipulated beasts closely followed the Dark Heaven Insect. The Dark Heaven Insect was of the third grade of three-star level. Majority of the wild beasts there were above two-star level while several were of three-star level. They were all extremely feral. The Timber Deity Empire troops possessed no more than one thousand soldiers including a few spirit-manipulated beasts. But most of the soldiers were so overwhelmed and frightened by the sheer number of untamed and savage beasts before them that they ran in every direction wanting to get away from the area as fast as possible. The battle quickly degenerated into pure chaos. Only the spirit-manipulators that had their own spirit-manipulated beasts stayed to fight against the wild beasts.

The disarray lasted for some time before the commander of the Timber Deity Empire invaders was able to take control of his troops. He slowly but purposely created defensive formations to defend against the rampaging feral beasts. It took some time but the Timber invaders eventually had started to take control of the situation.

To their surprise, the troops of the northern sky military camp that they had attacked mere minutes ago had disappeared. The commander of the Timber Deity Empire was angry and displeased with this turn of events. He started to wonder why the feral beasts rushed at his men instead of the troops of the northern sky military camp. 'Something does not add up, ' he thought to himself.

When the Timber troops and the feral beasts started to be locked in a stalemate, Rocky decided to seize the situation and let off a whistled signal to Uriah. Uriah immediately positioned itself in front of the Dark Heaven Insect and moved back and forth as if to draw the attention of the Insect.

The insect immediately caught the scent of Uriah. Its instincts brought it into a near-frenzy state and immediately went after Uriah. With Uriah's mission completed, it now ran towards Rocky's position with the insect in close pursuit.

Upon seeing this development, Rocky then ran towards the northern side of the military camp with Rubygon. Uriah ran closely to Rocky's movements. And the Dark Heaven Insect followed Uriah closely as well.

At the same time, the commander of the northern sky military camp gave the command to his troops to occupy the advantageous position of the northern side of the camp. The battle formation was optimized for an effective ambush at this position. The only thing left for them to do was to wait patiently like hunters waiting for their prey to fall into their trap.

The spirit manipulators of the Timber Deity Empire saw the Dark Heaven Insect getting lured away. Everyone

r to save time to chase after the Dark Heaven Insect. But their efforts were like the reeds against a raging storm. Their efforts were met by a greater force that threatened to crush and overwhelm them.

This was a moment for vengeance. The defenders of the northern sky military camp focused their attacks as a single unit and attacked the timber spirit manipulators with the fury of soldiers that had been shown cruelty just minutes ago.

The timber spirit manipulators were angry and desperate at the same time. They were angry at the camp defenders for putting up this trap for them. They were desperate for they realized the hopeless state that they found themselves in. What they did not know was that the entire string of events were planned by Rocky and not the defenders of the northern sky military camp. Rocky now ran towards a remote forest as Uriah lured the insect further. It seemed that everything happened according to Rocky's plan.

When they were safely concealed inside the forest, Rocky checked if any timber spirit manipulator still followed behind. Satisfied that no one else followed them into the forest, Rocky removed the traces that were left behind by Uriah. Now, no one would know that the Dark Heaven Insect had become Rocky's prey.

Uriah continued to lure the insect until they reached an opening among a group of trees deep in the forest. Rocky and Rubygon also ran into the same opening.

The Dark Heaven Insect was soon overwhelmed by Rocky, Rubygon and Uriah all at the same time.

"Greetings my dear prey! You now have no way of escape!" Rocky said with a tone of delight. He knew that once he killed this Dark Heaven Insect and obtained all of its advanced Dark Heaven Eggs, he would then be able to refine the eggs to get enough spirit energy to increase his own capacity.

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