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   Chapter 266 A Learned And Clever Person

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"That is no small favor! It's a great kindness for northern sky military camp!" the Commander of the northern sky military camp exclaimed in excitement. He saluted and bowed to Rocky to show his respect and appreciation. Without Rocky's help, the northern sky military camp might not have survived. Although they all wondered how Rocky lured a swarm of wild spirit-manipulated beasts, it was no longer important at this point. What was important was that they survived and escaped a great tragedy. The military camp, the stronghold of the country, was not taken over and was still under their control. And he was still the Commander of the camp.

The Commander showed such respect to this young man who seemed to have nothing special about him that it surprised every soldier and spirit manipulator in the northern sky military camp. Everyone was eager to know who this man was!

"Commander, this is..." The Deputy Commander wanted to ask the Commander about Rocky.

"He is.. a learned and very clever man..." The Commander realized that he knew nothing about Rocky other than a breeder from the northeast military camp. But he was pleasantly surprised to know that he also had an undiscovered expertise on military strategy and tactics. Even the Commander in Chief spoke highly of his tactical array. After a moment's hesitation, he introduced him in a way that surprised everyone present.

They knew full well that a man who was named as a learned and clever man by their Commander was absolutely not an ordinary person. So everyone honored him and chanted together, "Salute to you!"

Rocky was flattered that everyone honored him like that. In his mind, he just wanted to make use of the troops of the military camp. But for the soldiers in the military camp, however, they thought Rocky saved them and considered him a godsend that helped them out of the trouble. His actions brought an unplanned surprise and delivered him the unexpected good reputation among the troops. The reputation was a bonus for him. What he truly cared about was for the third grade of three star Dark Heaven Insect to be distracted away.

"Take your men to the north. The men from Timber Deity Empire will take so

o not want the prestige either. Remember that we never saw each other today! Is that clear?" Rocky said in a serious tone. When the Commander was about to say something in protest, he waved his hand to dismiss it.

The Commander was stunned by Rocky's request. He knew that being the key person that brought about the defeat of the Timber Deity Empire's invaders would bring great prestige and he'd surely be honored by the Commander in Chief. But Rocky threw all of that away. He was either a fool or a true genius with reasons that no ordinary man could understand.

In truth, Rocky simply neither needed nor wanted unnecessary attention to himself. If Marin found out about his presence here, she would visit this camp and investigate why he was here. He knew that Marin would not place any blame on him for what happened here but he was sure that she would bother him to no end for this.

If the Commander in Chief found out that he helped the northern sky military camp in repelling the invaders, he would definitely try to promote him to the base camp of Crimson Dragon Group again. Actually, he already wanted to promote him the last time for his performance in the Army Flag Contest. But if Rocky was transferred to the base camp away from the northeast military camp, he would lose much of the freedom and independence that he now enjoyed.

"Keeping a low profile is not as easy to achieve as anyone would think," Rocky sighed and then disappeared.

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