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   Chapter 264 Reinforcements Are Coming

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 8361

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"Send all the spirit manipulators to the east. Assign five hundred soldiers from the south to that position. Tell them to fight as if their very life depends on it! Do not let the enemies into the military camp!" The commander of the northern sky military camp knew very well how important his camp was for the northern defensive line of the Crimson Dragon Group. If this military camp was captured by enemies, the whole northern defensive line would start to fail as they tried to compensate for the loss of the camp. The commander knew that he needed to defend the camp no matter what the cost.

He was an ordinary spirit manipulator in his forties but it was uncommon among his peers to reach the Heavenly Stage like he did. He proved himself to be a capable Frontline Commander of the Crimson Dragon Group. This was one of the reasons why he was assigned to the northern sky military camp, an important position for the whole northern defensive line.

The number of soldiers under his command was close to two thousand which exceeded their enemy's number. However, there were three Heavenly Stage spirit manipulators among the enemy's group. The military camp failed to repel such a powerful enemy squad and the defending army was routed. Although all the spirit manipulators of the military camp had worked together against their enemies, they still failed to defend the eastern side. The three Heavenly Stage spirit manipulators of the enemy led their squad of Earthly Stage spirit manipulators, spirit-manipulated beasts and hundreds of soldiers, to break into the military camp.

Meanwhile, the northern front of the military camp was attacked by several Earthly Stage spirit manipulators, who worked with their spirit-manipulated beasts and hundreds of soldiers. Eventually, the northern front was also destroyed.

And it was in the face of such a situation that the commander of the camp led all the remaining spirit manipulators and soldiers to defend against their enemies at the center of the military camp. The fight between the two sides fell into a stalemate immediately.

Flames lit up the sky above the military camp. Black smoke filled the air. Corpses scattered around on the ground. The injured and the dying wailed loudly and it created a background symphony for the entire moving picture, the sad picture of war.

"Are you members of the Timber Deity Empire's army?" The emblems and the uniform of the enemy soldiers answered the question with mute confirmation. The Timber

hs. They lost some of their members but they still had all three of their Heavenly Stage spirit manipulators and this was an overwhelming advantage against the defenders.

All of a sudden at an unexpected moment, a series of loud noises came from the western side of the camp. It sounded as if thousands of horses hurried to join the battle. Even the earth itself trembled and a thunderous sound swallowed the battle's noise as if thousands of hooves rapidly drew closer every second.

"Are those their reinforcements? That fast? How is that even possible?" The spirits of each and every one of the defenders of the military camp suddenly lit up amid the surprised look. The commander was confused. Whether it was the northeast or the northwest military camp, neither had the means nor the speed to get here that fast. The commander dismissed his doubts immediately. What mattered was that the reinforcements had arrived.

The commander of the Timber Deity Empire felt uneasy. His plan relied on the fact that they had more than enough time to complete their task before reinforcements of the Crimson Dragon Group arrived. It was impossible that the other military camps sent reinforcements that quickly. In his mind he thought that whatever was coming was not their reinforcements. But what was it?

Even though he was certain in his assessment of the situation, he could not afford the consequences if he was wrong.

"Go forth and check!" the commander of the Timber Deity Empire ordered a spirit manipulator.

A short while later, the spirit manipulator came back running with a flustered look and then stammered, "Commander, there are so many, many..."

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