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   Chapter 263 Axiomatic Results

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Rocky, however, just ignored the unknown squad and sneaked into the cave. He knew he shouldn't fight them alone. What was more, he had entered the territory of the northern sky military camp. And it was none of his business goofing around the territory.

Rocky soon stopped being bothered by the presence of that squad and began his cultivation. At the crack of dawn, he restarted his journey in search of the Dark Heaven Insects.

A few hours later, he finally found a spot suitable for Dark Heaven Insects' living. Rocky soon took out the magical saliva to set up a trap and then hid himself while waiting for his prey.

Before any Dark Heaven Insect appeared, a lot of wild spirit-manipulated beasts had been attracted to the trap. Working with Uriah and Little Rubygon, Rocky killed those wild spirit-manipulated beasts in minutes.

Rocky impatiently waited for another two hours but had no luck. Just as he was about to give up his quest, a rustle echoed in the air.

"Here it comes!" Rocky's eyes lit up as he heard that sound. He was well experience in capturing the Dark Heaven Insect.

Just as he had expected, a crack crept over the ground, right next to the bottle of the magical saliva. As the crack widened rapidly, a giant black shadow emerged out from it.

The appearance of the black shadow shook Rocky to the core. He stood there astonished and in awe. The creature in front of him had three ironclad heads, which meant that it was at the third grade of the three-star level and it could lay the finest Dark Heaven Eggs.

"Wow! I'm going to make a fortune out of it! This Dark Heaven Insect is at the third grade of the three-star level! What a great luck! God has showered his kind blessings on me!" Rocky's eyes shone with sparkles. It was rare to see such an insect. Rocky had landed on a huge and priceless treasure this time.

However, luck came with some unanticipa

forces were recently rearranged between the military camps of the Crimson Dragon Group, and three thousands of them had been assigned to the northwest military camp. What was worse, two squads of spirit manipulators and three hundred soldiers were still patrolling outside. Thus, northern sky military camp failed to defend this attack and fell in chaos.

"Inform all the patrol squads to come back right away! Send our men to the northeast and northwest military camps for support. Go!" the commander of the northern sky military camp ordered firmly, feeling anxious deep inside. He didn't expect that his enemies had taken such a bold decision to sneak into his camp and launch a surprise attack.

"Commander! What should we do now? Many strong spirit manipulators have suddenly come out to our east. There are at least three of them at the Heavenly Stage. Our men can't fight them all at once!" the deputy commander said, flustered with sweat rolling down his forehead.

After listening to the bad news, the commander turned grim-faced with desperation. The best spirit manipulator in this military camp so far was him, who was at the Heavenly Stage. But now there were at least three on the other side. The conclusion of this fight was going to be obvious.

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