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   Chapter 261 Search For More Dark Heaven Insects

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So far, in addition to taking the magical saliva, Rocky had also mastered using the Dark Heaven Egg and Heaven Divine Lotus Seed to cultivate, the latter which he practiced under the state of Spirit Possession. However, he only had two Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds. One of them was obviously worn out due to refining, and the other could only support the cultivation for a month. With a little time left, he either had to find other treasures that could be used for cultivation or catch a few Dark Heaven Insects that could produce medium-grade Dark Heaven Eggs. Due to continuous improvement of his strength, the refining effect of the preliminary-grade Dark Heaven Eggs that he currently possessed could no longer help him as much as it used to. Right now, the best option to help him improve the cultivation speed was the medium-grade Dark Heaven Egg.

'After taking care of Verdanim's injured leg, I want to try my luck to catch Dark Heaven Insects, ' Rocky thought for a while then proceeded afterwards.

A few days later, Rocky removed the iron plates and bars fixed on Verdanim's left leg. He was delighted to see the very well regenerated bone of the left leg.

"It seems that you've been working hard to recover too!" Rocky's face was a few inches away from Verdanim's leg. He scrutinized every part of it to be certain that the regenerated bone had no complications. Contented, he patted Verdanim's head. The left leg bone had completely regenerated with its powerful recovery ability in such a short period of time.

Of course, the magical saliva also played a great role for this!

Verdanim let out a few low-pitched dragon howls. It sounded very happy. The grateful dragon recognized its savior by gently brushing its head to Rocky's arm. During its recovery, Rocky often came to check and treat its wounds. It brought them together like family.

After disinfecting the surgical wounds on Verdanim's left leg, Rocky sewed up the wounds and carefully wrapped the bandage. He then removed the suture of the surgical wound on its lower abdomen. Except for the laceration, everything else had almost recovered.

After treating the wounds, Rocky stood up and got ready to leave.

Marin suddenly showed up to see Verdanim. She walked into the stable hurriedly not noticing Rocky. They bumped face to face, their lips inches away from each other.

Now with a foul mood, she looked up to see and was about to scold the pe

rk Heaven Insects back, then the northern sky military camp was the most suitable. Shorter travel time was a must when catching Dark Heaven Insects. Otherwise, all collected Dark Heaven Insects would be put into waste.

Before returning to the camp, Rocky incidentally inquired about the situation of the northern sky military camp. His efforts were in vain as he got nothing, and this added to his burden but he continued to search for and catch Dark Heaven Insects. However, since he was not aware of the patrol route yet, his biggest worry right now was to encounter the patrol squad of the northern sky military camp. He simply didn't want to be caught after he successfully collected the Dark Heaven Insects.

Rocky was overwhelmed, and he decided to do things one at a time. He had to find the Dark Heaven Insects first, then began to consider other issues.

Once everything was set, Rocky immediately took Uriah and Rubygon. Together they walked all the way to the boundary between the northeast military camp and northern sky military camp.

Rubygon still had a lot to learn but it already had some fighting power. Most of its abilities were yet to be activated. Regardless, it could help Rocky in some aspects now. He was confident to catch even the medium-grade Dark Heaven Insects if they came across them.

Early in the afternoon, Rocky and his two beasts reached the boundary. Rolling hills were followed by the territory of the northeast military camp. Beyond the hills was the territory of the northern sky military camp, a place where they would encounter unexpected dangers that were unknown yet!

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