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   Chapter 259 Great Proud

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 5358

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Rocky waited for a few minutes but the door remained closed. He then decided to leave. Rocky turned to leave but was surprised when the door suddenly opened without warning. Marin stood there in the doorway. She wore a purple, gauzy, loose dress. Her cheeks blushed in deep red. She looked just as amazing when Rocky met her for the first time.

Marin appeared more bewitching when they first met while she looked more alluring as she stood in that doorway. She looked different on those two instances although each had its own particular attractive appeal.

'If Marin spends more time on looking her best, countless men will throw themselves at her feet. It is a pity that she prefers to always look serious, wearing heavy armor. No one can see past her armor and see her true beauty!' Rocky commented in heart after looking Marin up and down.

"Come in," Marin said. She raised her head and found Rocky staring at her. Her face blushed in an instant. She quickly stepped aside to let Rocky enter her room.

Rocky walked into the room without hesitation.

Marin closed the door and hastily pulled down all the curtains. She was worried that others would see Rocky go into her room so late at night. She didn't want any rumor of their meeting to go around. Marin's feminine sensibility was unwilling to hear any rumor about her and Rocky because it could do great harm to her reputation.

Rocky looked around as he entered Marin's room. It was an old room yet neat and clean. It was decorated in a style that accentuated efficiency and simplicity. Rocky then noticed a light fragrance of orchid

a brazen scoundrel that had made an unforgivable move against her. Rocky was actually innocent and did so out of good intention.

"How can I ever trust you now?" Marin shouted, looking at Rocky with eyes that burned with fury.

Marin thought that Rocky acted with evil intent and she was suddenly filled with great regret.

Rocky was aware that no amount of explanation would make Marin believe him. He resigned himself to his fate and said, "You can misunderstand it as reward for saving Verdanim. Now, we're even!" Rocky sighed to himself, got up and then turned away.

He left Marin's room in deep thought. He took the joke too far, that much was true. However, Rocky thought, after that event, it was less likely that Marin would give him any trouble now.

First Isis, and then now Marin got unintentionally molested by Rocky because of her own carelessness. Rocky imagined that these ladies must owe something to him in a previous life. He smiled uneasily at that thought. He now contemplated the possibility that he was forever cursed with bad romance!

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