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   Chapter 258 Belly Dance

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"Never mind. Since you do not want to express your sincerity, there is no need to continue our conversation." Rocky threw a disappointed glance at Marin and then turned to leave. A mischievous smile crossed one corner of his lips as soon as his back was turned away from Marin. He was sure that Marin was in a state of great internal conflict because of his request. Rocky knew that Marin was not the type of person who would break her words but, nonetheless, she wasn't the type of person to agree to such a ridiculous request. Rocky's real intention for the request was to make fun of Marin.

"Fine! I will do as you asked. Come to my place tonight!" Marin said firmly as she clenched her teeth. Determination filled her countenance after what felt to her was an eternity of internal debate.

Rocky never expected that Marin would agree to his ridiculous request. After all, his request was only intended to deride Marin. But since Marin agreed, it was Rocky who was caught off guard. He didn't know how to properly react. As Rocky pondered how to tell Marin that it was only a jest, Marin lowered her head and went away with blushed cheeks.

"Is she really going to do a belly dance for me?" Rocky's eyes grew big and his eyebrows went up in anticipation. "A great show awaits me tonight!" Marin was a gorgeous lady with a voluptuous body. A belly dance from her had the potential to make any man fall for her hard. Rocky remained in shock from hearing Marin's agreement to his request. The Marin he knew would rather die than do something like that. But unexpectedly, Marin said yes to his absurd request; and it bowled him over in disbelief.

Rocky stopped trying to figure out why Marin agreed to his request and soon left to return to his place. He saw Uriah and Little Rubygon sitting in front of his door in a melancholic state as their eyes wandered around, waiting to pick up a hint that he had returned. Both of them looked very worried because Rocky had been gone for days. They soon saw Rocky walking towards them, and their eyes couldn't light up brighter than they did. They rushed towards Rocky and jumped to his arms. Rocky fell to the ground laughing as Uriah and Little Rubygon started to lick his face.

"Ha-ha! Stop! Boys! I haven't washed my face for days! All right! All right! I know you two missed me so much! But if you don't stop licking me, I would lose a layer of skin on my face." Rocky gently pushed Uriah and Little Rubygon back when it became obvious that they did not intend to stop anytime soon. He lovingly stroked their heads between their ears as he rose to his feet. He walked towards the door with Uriah and L

the Rainbow Glow Unicorn led him into that situation on purpose to help him. In retrospect, he lost nothing and gained a lot instead, so now he felt very grateful to the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

Rocky hadn't returned for three days, so the three Dark Heaven Insects suffered a lot from hunger. He then shoveled heaps of soil to feed them and gave them a drop of the magical saliva as reparation.

The sun had set when he completed his tasks.

After some thought, Rocky decided to go to Marin's place. He wanted to know what Marin planned to do. Although she agreed to his request earlier, he was unsure whether she'd go through with it or not.

Campfires blazed under a star-filled sky when Rocky arrived at Marin's place. It was the first time that he had come to visit her room. He used to always meet her in her military tent, and this unfamiliar location brought a slight unease to Rocky.

Even as the commander of the northeast military camp, the place where Marin lived was the same as the other rooms where soldiers lived.

Rocky knocked on the door, and before long, a sweet voice called from inside. "Who is it?"

"It's me!" Rocky answered briefly.

The place grew uncomfortably silent all of a sudden as if no one was around.

"I will leave if you don't open the door," Rocky shouted after an annoying silence. He thought that Marin must have felt extremely distressed and regretted her agreement to Rocky's request earlier.

'If she opens the door, then she will really mean it. She must have prepared a great show then!' Rocky thought to himself with an impish smile and wondered if Marin would ever open the door. Although he wanted badly to see Marin's belly dance, he believed that it was more likely that she would not open the door.

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