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   Chapter 257 What Is Promise Keeping

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After adjusting his position in the air, Rocky gently landed on the ground. He looked up and saw a listless figure lying between several stone pillars in the dim light. Squinting to see it a little clearer, Rocky was startled as soon as he realized what it was. The figure was the four-star Demonic Devouring Boa.

As he observed it, Rocky noticed that the beast seemed very exhausted. Perhaps it was because he had destroyed its psychic system which was used to draw spiritual power. Rocky had also absorbed all of the Demonic Devouring Boa's spiritual power, which explained why it was drained to the almost lifeless form that it was now.

Despite this possible advantage, Rocky still did not dare to mess with the Demonic Devouring Boa anymore. After all, he had barely escaped it just now, and he didn't want to risk fighting it again. At once, he sprang to the mouth of the cave in which he had entered. The stone pillars aided his escape, and with the strength he had gained at that moment, he was able to jump out swiftly.

After emerging from the cave, Rocky descended the cliff, expecting to see the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. But it was long gone.

"That Rainbow Glow Unicorn just left and abandoned me during that emergency? It is so heartless! However, although this unicorn almost cost me my life, it is a blessing in disguise that I have upgraded my strength in two levels. Aside from that, I also got three treasures. Judging from what I have gained now, actually, I got a lot of benefits from this experience!" Not only was Rocky able to avoid death, but he had also gained so many valuable things. Blessings in disguise, as he called them. If other spiritual manipulators were to hear about this, they might not even be able to imagine the terrible things he had to go through. They would think he was extremely lucky to still be alive. When he recalled all that had happened, he felt like his memories were mere dreams.

Sometimes luck was the only thing that really mattered!

"However, a monk may run away, but the temple remains. I believe you will come back for me," Rocky said with a determined face. He turned around and headed back to the military camp. He had no time to lose. It had been a few days since he disappeared, and some people must be worried.

Sure enough, as soon as he returned to the beast farm of the military camp, Rocky saw Sheridan walking back and forth just outside the farm, looking around from time to time as if he were waiting for someone. As soon as he saw Rock

thought about it," Rocky declared, clasping his hands together.

"What do you want?" Marin felt that Rocky wanted something profitable. She braced herself for whatever he might ask for.

"I want to see Commander Marin dance while dressed in Chinese-style chest covering," Rocky said as he stared at Marin with a smirk on his face.

"What? You want to see me dance with..." Hearing this, Marin became furious. Rocky's request was a huge insult to her. If anyone knew that she, the Commander of the northeast military camp had danced in nothing but a Chinese-style chest covering for a man, she would lose face and never regain her honor. How could she make her way through this camp then?

"Didn't you just say you could promise anything? You look like you want to go back on your word! Anyway, I don't really care. But if word gets out that you had promised me something, I don't know what the others will say about you, Commander Marin," Rocky pushed.

"Even if I promised I would do anything, this request is just so..." Marin's body shuddered slightly. She was a woman who could never do such a shameless thing. Not to mention she was also a renowned Commander.

"You really have no sincerity. The Commander of the northeast military camp is a person who cannot keep her promises. I am so disappointed and heartbroken!" Rocky said with a sad expression and of course he was pretending it.

Marin was also upset because of Rocky. But she couldn't be angry since she did promise him that she would grant whatever he wished. And now, she was the one who broke that promise. Because of this, she felt that she became a person who was dishonest and untrustworthy.

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