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   Chapter 254 Last Chance Of Survival (Part One)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6241

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Rocky had already taken the three treasures, when the people of the Timber Deity Empire were desperately looking for them. The Roaring Flame Empire had planned to offer them as a tribute to the Timber Deity Empire, as the two Empires had secretly formed an alliance. Therefore, it was imperative for the Timber Deity Empire to find them. Because, once their common enemy, the Holy Dragon Empire, found out about the three treasures, their secret alliance would be exposed. However, no matter how hard they tried, they could not find them, because, a huge beast had swallowed Rocky along with the treasures, and the people of the Timber Deity Empire could never imagine that they should look inside the creature. Rocky, who was inside the gargantuan animal had no idea that he possessed three top-secret treasures. Neither did he know that so many people were looking for them desperately. He did not care what others were doing at that moment, for he had more pressing matters to deal with.

After briefly travelling in the enormous creature's dark inside, Rocky landed in a sticky place that smelt rotten, but strangely, he felt that he had returned to his mother's womb. To be more specific, he was right inside the spirit-manipulated beast's stomach.

Rocky kept activating the spiritual light in his palm, which soon illuminated the creature's stomach. That was when Rocky saw that the beast's stomach was like a small two-meter long room that kept extending forward. He carefully looked around and found all kinds of undigested garbage there, which included the white and scary bones of humans and beasts.

"Am I in the spirit-manipulated beast's stomach? If I am, then I am in serious trouble!" Rocky said to himself. Now that he had understood the gravity of the situation, he regretted having been greedy for the treasures. Had he known that he would get tra

source several times, the result was the same. Thus, he accepted that his efforts would not help him escape, nor weaken the creature, as it was much stronger than he was. Its strength was at least that of a beast who was at the third grade of the three-star level.

"If only I can figure out another way to get out of here," Rocky said helplessly. Just as Rocky was about to give up and wander elsewhere, he abruptly spotted that the flesh threads that were attached to the flesh wall were detaching themselves, and were moving out of the wall as if they had become alive. Then, they were creeping and squirming in the air, and finally, all of them rushed toward him.

Rocky saw and recognized that it was an emergency and that the situation could become extremely dangerous and life-threatening for him. However, as he could not retreat now, he hurriedly waved the Frozen Wind Dagger and released his spiritual power to resist the flesh threads. But two white flesh threads quickly entangled themselves with the hand with which he was holding the Frozen Wind Dagger. Anxious to destroy them by using the spiritual martial arts with his free hand, he raised it, but unfortunately, found that more flesh threads had already tied it securely.

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