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   Chapter 253 Bringing Back The Envoys

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 10859

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Unbeknown to him, Rocky saw the source of the rich spiritual power he had felt, when he carefully picked up the glinting package and opened it. He beheld an exquisitely embellished brocade box. He could not believe that he was holding it in his hand! Apart from the box, he saw the package also contained a book and a map.

Placing the brocade box securely in the package, Rocky scrutinized the book whose pages were frayed at their corners, because it was obvious that countless hands had turned them. It was titled, 'Demonic Fire Codex'. Now that he had taken a closer look at it, he grasped that it was about a spiritual martial arts skill, and meant for the spirit manipulators, who were at the Heavenly Stage. Next, he opened the creased and dusty map and began studying it, after he had smoothened the lines and blown the dust off. Initially, he was confused by the many marks around, what looked like a route on the map. Then, his focus shifted, and he noticed a cross that was drawn in one part of the map. From what Rocky could see and put together, it seemed like was a treasure map.

Now that he had seen the book and the map, he picked up the brocade box with much trepidation. Its well-crafted magnificent exterior told Rocky that something even more splendid was inside. It was plain that its contents were extremely significant - otherwise, why would anyone get such a magnificent container? He could discern that it contained important things, but what were they - that was the million-dollar question. Curious to find out, and get his answer, Rocky slowly opened the brocade box. While he was doing that, he was blinded for a few seconds, when a scarlet ray surged from the narrow opening and illuminated the surroundings. However, his eyes quickly adapted to the bright light. When he looked inside the brocade box, he was surprised to see a giant scarlet pearl, the size of a ping pong ball. Also, besides being colorless, it was transparent. Rocky was bewildered by what he saw next - bright flames dancing inside the scarlet pearl! Those rising flames were indeed sending out a forceful spiritual power.

Amazed and moved, "What's this?" is what Rocky could say. To take a closer look, he then, took the scarlet pearl out of the box. He could not still figure out its significance, even though he had been observing it for a while. However, what he could tell, was that it was much more than a rare treasure, like a Dark Heaven Egg or Heaven Divine Lotus Seed, which could be refined.

Now that Rocky had understood that the scarlet pearl was unique, he channeled his spiritual power into it to study it further, and comprehend what it was all about. Most unexpectedly, within a few seconds, it auto-ignited in his hand, and before he knew what was happening, leaping flames began rising towards the cave's high ceiling. Also, they were growing bigger by the minute. Shortly after that, the pearl gradually rose and flew into the air with the upward thrust the conflagration had created. Magically, like shape-shifters, the flames took the forms of several formidable dragons, started flying around the pearl, and lit up the entire cave, from top to bottom, leaving no dark corners. This scene of the fire, incandescent light, an

spirit manipulators, who had reached the Divine Stage before their thirties on the Wild Spirit Land. And both of them were female. However, there was a lot of mystery surrounding them in the Wild Spirit Land.

Most of the spirit manipulators wondered how the two ladies reached the Divine Stage before they were thirty, as there were only a few spirit manipulators of the Divine Stage in the entire land. It was therefore, surprising that they could achieve such a high level at such a tender age. Speculation and a lack of any information about the two ladies enhanced the veil of mystery that surrounded them.

Indeed, how Alyssa Mu and Marcia accomplished so much so early was a secret, which made them an enigma for all. Were the mystery surrounding how they achieved their elevated status, and became powerful in the Timber Deity Empire to be addressed, the answers would shock the entire empire.

"Find the three envoys at once, and bring them back here. The tribute they took from the Roaring Flame Empire is priceless. There is an important map, a book on a rare spiritual martial arts skill, and the Dragon Flame Pearl, a special spiritual weapon. We cannot risk other countries finding them and taking them away, especially the Holy Dragon Empire. Keep their search a secret. We have to safeguard our alliance with the Roaring Flame Empire and not let other empires know about it. We have to keep it secret. Therefore, mind you all - I will not spare anyone who makes a mistake, or causes an accident that jeopardizes our treaty," a worried Alyssa, spoke those words seriously, and meant every word she had uttered.

"Yes, Your Royal Highness!" the commanders answered in unison.

"Then, why are you still here? Go, find the Roaring Flame Empire's envoys and bring them back, safely! In case, you cannot locate them, you must bring back the map, as that is crucial for our success. And mind - in case you fail to do so, all of you will be beheaded!" Alyssa angrily yelled at them, when she saw that they were still standing there, and not moving out to fulfill their mission.

Scared out their wits, the commanders fled out of the tent at once.

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