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   Chapter 252 Finding A Mysterious Thing

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In this manner, for half a day, Rocky kept running non-stop, and following up with the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. Now, they had entered an area that was not only beyond the northeast military camp's jurisdiction but also had no state jurisdiction. Therefore, such a zone was full of dangers, since troops, spirit manipulators, or mercenary armies from strange countries, could ambush them at any time.

Having run without taking breaks, Rocky was out of breath, but when he turned to the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, he realized that it seemed to have enjoyed the journey. Seeing how happy the Rainbow Glow Unicorn looked, Rocky wondered if it was taking him for a ride.

Shortly after that, it brought Rocky to the foot of a cliff. It was at least more than ten meters high, and dangerously steep. The Rainbow Glow Unicorn stopped, and hesitated in front of the cliff. Then, it turned to Rocky, and looked up at the cliff.

Rocky followed its gaze. Initially, he saw nothing, but rock and the sky above it. But when he looked carefully, Rocky spotted a cliff cave.

'I wonder if there is anything up there?' Rocky thought.

Then he remembered that the spirit beast was very fond of priceless treasures. Consequently, anything scarce and valuable would definitely attract it. So, Rocky surmised that the treasure trove that had attracted the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, was possibly up there. He continued to wonder why the Unicorn had guided him there. Probably because it could not climb up, and wanted Rocky's help.

"Do you want to exchange my magical saliva with the treasure up there?" Rocky immediately asked, on realizing, that was what the Rainbow Glow Unicorn wanted, and requested it to be patient. As the spiritual beast was brilliant and had a human-like temperament, Rocky was not surprised that it had thought of such a plan.

In response to Rocky's words, it neighed, and raised its head a few times, and it seemed that it concurred with his request to be patient.

"All right, if there is any treasure up there, I will give you one more drop of the magical saliva, besides the drop I am carrying now," Rocky said, generously. Now that Rocky had grasped that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn had a fixation on getting the magical saliva, Rocky planned to give it to the creature, in exchange for getting something in return, in the future. Therefore, he thought that if he could subdue the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, with Uriah and Rubygon's help, he would have three spirit-manipulated beasts in his control. It was every spirit manipu

ich navigating one's way would be impossible.

"I think, I shall go in that direction," Rocky said to himself, and walked toward the direction from where he had felt the presence of the spiritual power.

Rocky had hardly taken a few steps, when he kicked something. On looking down, he found that there was a rotten corpse at his feet and he had kicked what was left of it.

After kicking the rotten human mortal remains, Rocky surveyed his surroundings with the utmost care, but he did not find anything else. He looked down at the corpse again. It seemed to him that it had been in the cave for such a long time that it had started to rot. What he saw disgusted him.

Rocky was ill at ease with the corpse at his feet, so, without thinking about it twice, he moved on. As he went further, he saw that countless ghastly skeletons were piled up, one top of the other. It appeared that they had been buried in a mass grave.

That was a spine-chilling scene and could have scared anyone. Rocky started walking faster, and soon, he could see the place which was emitting spiritual power. But it was filled with dried and desiccated corpses, whose skeletons had shrunk. The sight of the two bulging eyeballs, on each frame, that threatened to fall off the sockets and hit the ground, was the most horrifying sight he had seen. It was Rocky's worst nightmare, indeed.

Then he came upon another dead body and observed, "This man seems to have died, recently," Rocky understood that from the cadaver's condition. When he looked carefully, he also saw a bag placed near it. Immediately after, he realized that the spiritual power he had received earlier, was flowing from that bag.

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