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   Chapter 251 Where Are You Going

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Even though Uriah was extremely vigilant all the way, Rocky had been wondering if their movements were tracked after they left the northeast military camp. It turned out that Uriah had indeed detected that they were followed. And he was right. It was the Rainbow Glow Unicorn that was following them.

Rocky knew that it would track them for the magical saliva, though he had no idea how it had located them. That was why he did not pursue the matter, then. Anyway, Rocky was sure that it would show up again.

Rocky, Rubygon, and Uriah left at once, as Rocky was not interested in hunting with either one of them. He was sure that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn would trail them secretly. The only thing he cared about was when the Rainbow Glow Unicorn would appear. In addition, Rocky was confident that if it had come after them all the way, he would be able to lure it.

Therefore, to ensure that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn could stalk them, Rocky opened his magical saliva bottle, and diffused its special aura.

In this manner, he came back to the Ghost Village with Uriah and Rubygon.

To ascertain whether the Rainbow Glow Unicorn was following them at that time, Rocky took out a small bottle, filled a drop of magical saliva in it, placed it in the middle of the field, and quietly waited for the Rainbow Glow Unicorn to show up.

Just then, it got dark, and a blanket of silence covered everything in the area.

Although Rocky was on full alert, and had closely inspected his surroundings, he could not find any trace of the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

"I wonder where it is? It should have arrived by now." Rocky's furrowed eyebrows conveyed his confusion, while he waited to find the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. But as he did not find anything, he finally returned to the abandoned house.

When he was stepping into its courtyard, he detected a colorful light that flashed and disappeared in the woods.

"Let's see who is more patient, you or I," Rocky said with a sinister smile on his face. The Rainbow Glow Unicorn was worried that if it were to get the magical saliva directly, things would take a dangerous turn. Therefore, it lingered around patiently, and waited his time out.

Now, Rocky was relaxed, as he had the magical saliva, and knew that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn would show up sooner or later. For that reason, he stayed in the abandoned house to practice, after sending Uriah and Rubygon

Glow Unicorn is fascinated by it and has recklessly bitten into its hook," Rocky laughed to himself as he pictured the scene - the Rainbow Glow Unicorn biting the bottle's hook! At the same time, Rocky was trying to approach it without making a sound.

The creature saw Rocky come towards it, but it was not taken aback by his approach. Instead, it howled at him, fearlessly, and then flew away with the bottle in its mouth. Surprisingly, it maintained a speed that Rocky could match, and turned back occasionally, to check whether or not Rocky was following.

Rocky was intrigued seeing the Unicorn's behavior. It seemed that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn was not trying to get away, nor running away from Rocky. Instead, it wanted him to come after it.

"Does it want to bring me to a special place?" Rocky wondered. Nevertheless, after briefly considering what to do, he followed the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, right away.

Seeing that Rocky was coming along with it, the Unicorn flew away. However, it didn't hide on the way, nor did it try to evade Rocky. It became clear that it was taking Rocky to show him someplace. Once he understood the Rainbow Glow Unicorn's intentions, Rocky became curious and wanted to find out where he was going.

Now that it had slowed down, Rocky caught up with it, and they flew side by side.

"Hey there, where are you going? Where are you taking me?" Rocky asked the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

Suddenly, it emitted a deep howl, instead of replying to Rocky's question, which aroused his curiosity even more, and he wondered where the Rainbow Glow Unicorn was taking him.

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