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   Chapter 247 Weak And Helpless Marin

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Rocky arrived at the battlefields of northeast military camp, having followed Thor and Sheridan the whole way. The battlefields were teeming with personnel, from ranks of soldiers to spirit manipulators. Many of the soldiers and spirit manipulators were gathered around a creature of immense size, pointing and whispering.

"Back off and step aside...! What is going on here?!" Sheridan demanded loudly, seeing the commotion and unhappy at the conduct.

Solders and spirit manipulators looked up to see that it was Sheridan who spoke. All of them stepped aside and cleared the way for him, knowing his temper was infamous throughout the whole northeast military camp. Sheridan was, after all, the administrator of beast farm. If they irritated him, then the spirit-manipulated beasts, their closest friends, would get in trouble. It was in their best interests to respect him and his authority.

Standing behind Sheridan, Rocky cast his eyes on the enormous figure in battlefield. He realized that it was none other than Marin's war dragon named Verdanim. Verdanim was stretched out on its side. It looked as though it was in serious pain. Its lower abdomen bulged out, distended like a ball, almost as though it'd been pregnant for a few months. But its left rear limb which was badly deformed was bloody. The limb was black and blue all over. While outwardly, the injury looked horrible, the internal injuries were likely much worse than that.

"Sheridan..." Marin choked as she gently patted Verdanim's head from where she was squatted. She was desperately trying to soothe her injured dragon. With tears in her eyes, she rose to her feet to implore Sheridan. "Hurry, please, save Verdanim, I beg you!" she begged.

"Calm down, Marin; don't worry. I'll save it, I promise you," Sheridan replied calmly, patting her shoulder and trying to reassure her. Verdanim had been his gift to Marin, and he had raised the dragon himself. Hence, he understood her feelings about Verdanim in this situation, and sympathized with her.

For Marin, Verdanim was more than just a dragon; it was like a sibling to her. Her sadness and her joys were things she would share with it. She adored this dragon and prized it above all else, and her heart broke to see it so injured.

Rocky had never seen Marin look so weak and helpless before. Often, she behaved as though she were a man: strong, impartial, and clear-sighted. She was a fine Commander that looked as steady as any other. But now, it seemed as though a mere breeze could send Marin down.

For Marin's part, as soon as she'd seen Sheridan approaching, she felt some of her anxiousness drain from her body. She was confident that he had every ability to cure her spirit-manipulated beast. But t

.?! How dare you...!" Marin, already heartbroken and in pain, felt rage bubble up to the surface at Rocky's impudence, wondering how he felt he had the right to hold her hand right now. She forcibly tried to pull her hand away but he refused to let go.

The soldiers and spirit manipulators around them, startled, began to grow uncomfortable. Rocky was displaying a bold show of insubordination. His impertinence could cost him his life.

"Stay out of this, I know Sheridan has a way to cure Verdanim...! Just get out of my way and let me go! You're really pissing me off!" Marin was livid, eyes blazing at Rocky.

"And what would Verdanim think if it saw you hysterical like this?! The dragon got hurt to save you, it put itself through this for your sake; it didn't do this to watch you have a meltdown!" Rocky snarled back angrily, jabbing a finger to Verdanim's direction, as the dragon continued to struggle.

Caught off guard, Marin turned her eyes back to her beloved dragon. Verdanim could only look back at her pitifully, struggling to breathe with sad eyes. The only sound the dragon could make was a small, pained neigh.

At such a heartbreaking sight, Marin's misery swelled up her throat and tears flowed free once again. She hastily wiped them away, unable to bear the thought that people would think she was fragile.

But her actions did not go unnoticed by Rocky. He was shocked that Marin could cry like this, and his heart softened. After a moment of careful deliberation, he finally spoke, "Maybe...Maybe I could find a way to cure Verdanim."

" can cure him?" Marin stared at him, astonished at such a declaration. If not even Sheridan could find a way to cure Verdanim, how could Rocky possibly manage it? He had only been Sheridan's apprentice for a few months. Could Rocky really do it?

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