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   Chapter 246 The Injured War Dragon

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"Everyone can see that the spirit-manipulated beast is dying. Why can't they treat it well? They are real bastards without any conscience." Sheridan was visibly upset when he saw that the creature was breathing its last and would soon die.

Seeing the beast's condition, Rocky thought of an idea and his eyes lit up. With eagerness that he could not hide, he asked Sheridan how he planned to deal with the situation.

"The creature breathes, its heart beats, and it is a life form, just like we are. I will find a suitable place to bury it." And Sheridan was obviously grief-stricken.

"Sheridan, I am going out as I have an important task to attend to. I can bury it for you. You take care of yourself." After Rocky said those words, he picked up the spirit-manipulated beast, flung it on his left shoulder, and left the beast farm.

"What has come over him? I wonder why he is showing so much kindness today," Sheridan murmured to himself suspiciously, as he saw Rocky's receding figure.

What Sheridan did not know was that Rocky had not offered to bury the spirit-manipulated beast out of any kindness that he felt for it. He had other plans. Therefore, instead of doing as he had said to Sheridan, Rocky took it directly to the laboratory he had built.

Once there, he addressed the creature and said, "Do not worry. I will help you. I will make sure that you feel no pain." Rocky knew all too well that it was in unbearable pain and agony. Therefore, without any delay, he put the spirit-manipulated beast on the cold operating table. Having done that, he gathered a little spiritual power in his palm, placed it on its heart, and pressed it gently.

The creature could not live and predictably died soon after that, as its heart, its arteries, and its veins had been shorn into tiny fragments, and were now nothing but pulp.

With the spirit-manipulated beast dead, Rocky had obtained a free corpse to experiment on. He wanted to practice how to operate on its dead body, and conduct some experimental operations on it, as that would give him an edge in the future.

Before Rocky knew it, he had been experimenting for three days.

And as the creature's corpse could not be preserved for long under normal temperatures, Rocky had no choice but to bury it - the first cadaver he had experimented on. Therefore, he carried what remained of it, found a large hole in the desolate forest that was near his laboratory, and buried it there.

Rocky did what he had to, but he was not happy for he could not experiment longer on the creature's body. Therefore, on his way back, he muttered to himself, "I need to find a new dead body to experiment on now," and started speculating how he could do it. Then, after he had finished his daily routine jobs, he started taming little Rubygon.

Recently, little Rubygon had revealed its wild nature by running away in the wild without taking Rocky's permission. It was extremely unruly, and had it not been for Uriah's help, Rocky would not have been able to restrain it.

Taming a spirit-manipulated beast was a complex and challenging job. It required a combination of harsh and mild tactics. A new hand, Rocky was inexperienced in taming spirit-manipulated beasts in rea

o gained them respect and now no one considered them to be members of a rubbish team.

"How come you two are free today? What are you doing here?" Rocky asked, confused, as he nodded a greeting to both of them, who had been members of the sixth team, earlier.

"Oh, Commander Marin sent us here. Yesterday, when she was leading our first and the third teams to the frontier, we got ambushed on the way. Though we successfully repulsed the enemy under her leadership, her war dragon was so seriously injured that now it cannot stand up nor walk. So, after we had driven the enemy forces back, and returned safely, Commander Marin asked us to bring Sheridan to where she is waiting, with her war dragon, to cure it..." Thor replied respectfully, as he held Rocky in high esteem.

"Sheridan, someone is calling you," Rocky shouted to get Sheridan's attention, who was busy working at the beast farm. Thor and Joss had described the encounter so vividly that he could visualize how severely the spirit-manipulated beast must have gotten wounded. Now that he knew the gravity of the situation, he was also a little worried for Marin, as she had always treated him well.

After finishing what he was doing, Sheridan walked out slowly and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Commander Marin's war dragon was injured!" Rocky replied.

"What?" On learning that Marin's war dragon had gotten hurt, Sheridan was extremely concerned and became tense. With an urgency in tone, he said, "Why don't you send it to me and I will take care of it?"

"That is not possible, as it can't walk, due to the grievous injuries it received. That is why Commander Marin asked us to pick you up," Joss said promptly.

Sheridan became even more serious and yelled, "What are you waiting for? Take me to Commander Marin. Hurry!"

Thor and Joss became somber, nodded their heads, which meant that they would escort Sheridan to Commander Marin poste haste, and immediately they started heading towards where she was camped. Rocky, too joined them, as he wanted to benefit from seeing Sheridan treat the war dragon - live teaching from Sheridan, was a rare opportunity, indeed!

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