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   Chapter 245 Keep Going

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At that moment, Rocky was focusing on evaluating the baby Spiritual-manipulated Beast that was lying in front of him. However, his wrinkled brows showed that he was having trouble identifying the defect that Sheridan had told him about. How could he, anyways? There were no relevant signs to be found!

Seeing the confused look on Rocky's face, Sheridan laughed triumphantly while saying, "Brat, you're stumped, aren't you?"

"Don't worry, Sheridan. I know my way around more than one Beast Evaluation Skill." Rocky glanced at Sheridan defiantly. He was just warming up with the Radiance Evaluation Skill. Now, he immediately gathered spiritual light in his right hand. Suddenly, his whole right hand was flickering with light. Then, he began to touch the body of the baby Spiritual-manipulated Beast.

Sheridan was taken aback by Rocky's knowledge of the Stroking Evaluation Skill to the extent that it actually took him a few moments to be able to comprehend what he had just seen. When he came back to his senses, he immediately asked Rocky, "How did you know the Stroking Evaluation Skill?" Sheridan's surprise took over him. He could not even wait to listen to Rocky's answer to his question, so he followed it with another one, "how do you know two Beast Evaluation Skills?"

"Surprised?" Rocky said proudly. He was very insulted by Sheridan's surprised reaction.

Sheridan immediately felt very confused. 'It is true that no one stated that a beast evaluator can only learn one Beast Evaluation Skill. However, I know that the Radiance Evaluation Skill and the Stroking Evaluation Skill are from two famous beast evaluation families, so it would be understandable if Rocky knew how to perform only one of them. But, he is capable of performing both of them at the same time, which is beyond common sense!

Well, let's say Rocky's abilities are extraordinary, he still could not have learnt these skills on his own! Who is his mentor? Who has managed to teach him two different kinds of advanced Beast Evaluation Skills from the beast evaluation families at the same time?'

At this moment, Sheridan suddenly felt very grateful. Fortunately, he met Rocky first and accepted him as his apprentice. If the man who had the same master as him had found Rocky first, he would have done his best to make him his apprentice. Sheridan was sure of that because Rocky's talent was not only amazing, but also very comprehensive. Besides, his talent in beast evaluation was also extremely strong. What a one-in-a-million geniu

ht that he would be one of those masters surpassed by their apprentices. He could not realize if this was an unfortunate event or a blessing disguised in what appeared to be a trouble! 'Only time could tell, ' he believed.

However, as a master, Sheridan was very dedicated. He immediately began to teach Rocky the most basic Beast Curing Skill. Of course, in this world, the Beast Curing Skill was completely aimed at the spirit-manipulated beasts. Because there were many kinds of spirit-manipulated beasts that had various strange characteristics and complex body structures, the Beast Curing Skill was much more complicated than Rocky expected.

Diagnosing the condition and injury of different spirit-manipulated beasts required a variety of methods. It was highly complicated because some spirit-manipulated beasts needed to be diagnosed under certain conditions, such as underwater, or in an environment with high or low temperature.

The distribution of meridians varied in different spirit-manipulated beasts, so to diagnose meridians for different spirit-manipulated beasts, the beast evaluator needed to know the distribution of meridians in each one of them by using the Beast Evaluation Skills.

In short, the Beast Curing Skill was indeed more complicated than the Beast Taming Skill, which was why it was necessary to learn various harsh basic conditions before embarking on learning it.

But that wasn't a problem for Rocky, of course!

In a blink of an eye, it was noon. Rocky was about to leave the beast farm and go back, when he saw two spirit manipulators carry a dying spirit-manipulated beast in, drop it on the ground and leave without saying a word.

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