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   Chapter 244 He Is Being Tested! (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-12-28 00:02

In Sheridan's opinion, the conditions and prerequisites to learning the Beast Curing Skill were quite demanding. He had come up with this challenge to deliberately put an obstacle in front of Rocky, stop him jumping forward rashly, and make him carefully consider the course of action.

It also meant that if Rocky wasn't skilled enough to pass the test, then he would certainly be unable to learn the Beast Curing Skill from Sheridan at present, no matter how desperate he was to learn.

Rocky understood what was going through his master's mind. He knew that this time, in order to convince Sheridan, he had to show his real skill. Slowly, a wicked smile crept onto his face.

He grinned as he whispered fervently, "Alright then, sir... watch me carefully and don't you dare blink your eyes!" And without further preamble, he walked directly into the barn. Sitting cross-legged in front of the cub, he gathered his own spiritual power, and exhibited the Radiance Evaluation Skill upon it.

Sheridan saw a triangular light screen showed up in the air above the cub. Suddenly, the lights representing the various natures of the cub appeared upon the screen.

'He's using the Radiance Evaluation Skill?!' Sheridan exclaimed to himself in shock, staring at Rocky's progress. 'So it's true! He wasn't lying; he truly does know the Beast Evaluation Skill. Beyond that, he has learned the Radiance Evaluation Skill, an advanced Beast Evaluation Skill from an old and respected beast evaluating family.

Where in the world

y enough to meet Rocky, an amazing disciple who had the potential to completely inherit all his skills. For any master, it was a source of immense pride and honor to be able to pass on all his skills to the next generation. Just when he thought that he'd have to take all his learning to the grave, it appeared that God had smiled down upon him.

'Finally, at long last, I might still be able to pass down the most powerful Beast Taming Skill, the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill to this young man, although it may be too early for him to learn based on his current strength. But, if he masters the skill, he will have more good fortune to come! If he is lucky enough, it will be commonplace for him to be able to capture a spiritual beast alive.' Sheridan's mind was full of ideas and racing in excitement. He had made up his mind and would teach Rocky every skill he knew, including the most powerful skill he had learned. Undoubtedly, he was satisfied to find a disciple who could learn quickly and well.

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