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   Chapter 243 He Is Being Tested! (Part One)

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"What? The Beast Curing Skill? You want to learn how to do it right now? Well, I must say...that it seems a bit early for you to learn how to do it right now. You're not qualified to develop that skill yet. Remember that the prerequisite of learning the Beast Curing Skill is to master the Beast Evaluation Skill first. The Beast Evaluation Skill is the foundation of the Beast Curing Skill. But most importantly, you need to at least reach the second grade of the Beast Evaluation Skill if you want to learn the Beast Curing Skill. And in order to learn the Beast Curing Skill, you also need to grasp the most basic medical abilities and knowledge, along with having a full understanding of the characteristics of all the spirit-manipulated beasts. And furthermore..." Sheridan continued to reel off a lot of conditions, determined to prove the complexity of the situation to Rocky, who had just declared his intention to learn the advanced skill. As Rocky's master, Sheridan would be responsible for teaching him all the skills necessary. Nevertheless, he thought Rocky was being a little hasty, as Rocky wanted to learn the skill immediately.

"I have to reach the second grade for the Beast Evaluation Skill? Well, that won't be a problem for me," Rocky responded flippantly, unable to help shrugging his shoulders at the requirements that Sheridan was reeling off. His current Beast Evaluation Skill level was actually already at the middle stage of the second grade. Although it might still take him some time to reach the third grade, he'd at least reached the prerequisite level needed for the Beast Curing Skill.

"What do you mean it's not a problem for you?" Sheridan asked, flabbergasted as he stared at Rocky, wondering if he'd lost his mind.

"I mean, I meet the prerequisites you just said for learning the Beast Curing Skill," Rocky responded casually, arms folded over his chest. He was eager to learn more from his master and wouldn't easily give up the idea of learning the Beast Curing Skill.

"Look, buddy, are you kidding me right now? You're not even a be

a thought seemed to come to him. He gestured to him and said, "Follow me." He turned on his heel and walked off to the direction of the beast farm.

Rocky raised his eyebrows. Realizing now that the old man wanted to test his strength, he hurried after his master.

It wasn't long before Sheridan led Rocky directly to the beast farm's barn, opening its doorways wide. Inside, Rocky saw a baby spirit-manipulated beast.

"This cub was sent here earlier today. Although its qualities aren't too bad, and it was born to a two-star beast, it seems to have a very serious defect. If your Beast Evaluation Skill is really at the second grade as you say, then it shouldn't be difficult for you to figure out what the defect is," Sheridan explained thoughtfully. It was clear that he wanted to test whether the strength of Rocky had really achieved the second grade, just as he had claimed. However, there was the possibility that the defect he mentioned might not be determined by the Beast Evaluation Skill at the second grade. There was a likelihood that he was trying to simply discourage Rocky so that he would give up the idea. He didn't think that Rocky was ready to learn the Beast Curing Skill just yet. After all, if his foundation wasn't strong enough, then it would be very difficult for his training later on. He always believed that old saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day."

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