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   Chapter 242 Super Talent

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Half of a month passed.

In an abandoned house, the work of constructing a lab beyond anyone's imagination in this world was drawing to a close. Rocky was mounting the last of three palm-sized legendary night-luminous pearls on the roof to replace the astral lamp in the operation room. Improvement of the illumination device was essential for future progress.

The lab was sealed by silver-gilt tinfoil. Behind the tinfoil, the wall was enclosed in wood. The combination meant the lab was completely sealed except for a ventilation grate elaborately designed in the center of the roof. The ventilation grate was made with iron plate and bars. Despite its rough appearance, the ventilation grate was similar to those found in the modern world. A few layers of mesh over the grate's outlet filtered the air.

Two stone tables, for experiments and operations, sat beneath the three legendary night-luminous pearls. The polished tables were arranged in two rows with enough space to comfortably stand between them. Orderly containers of lab supplies, such as sulfuric acid, ethyl alcohol, special iodine, gauze, cotton sliver, etc. occupied one side of the experiment table. Beside the containers were ten scalpels that had cost Rocky a fair amount of cash.

When he finished mounting the last pearl, Rocky nodded, satisfied with the work and ready to put the lab to work. Seeing the completed lab, Rocky couldn't suppress his excitement. Although he had spent most of the cash he'd earned by selling materials and rare things from the wild spirit-manipulated beasts, the lab was worth it. It would bring in more than what it cost. Much more.

Stroking his chin, he considered which experiments he should try first. He could buy some living spirit-manipulated beasts directly from the Super Beast Farm. He shook his head and cringed. Experimenting on living creatures was a cruel practice.

Although, before he came to this world, he hadn't always thought this way. He was once unscrupulous and had willingly experimented on and tested genetic beasts without a care for the effect such treatment had on the creatures. Now, being a spirit manipulator, his thinking had changed. It was impossible for him to experiment in such a fashion. He understood that like himself, creatures had feelings. Sadness. Happiness. Pain and even pity. These emotions were plain to see

not fake new things.

"I think I have learned most of your knowledge about Beast Taming Skill." Rocky smiled. Although he was happy, Rocky knew how to temper his emotions. While he possessed most of the knowledge, there was still a crucial part. Practice. Hard work. It would take time and practice to achieve mastery. He needed to accumulate his knowledge and put it to work until he had perfected the skill through repetition. As the old saying went, hard work beats talent if talent does not work hard.

"What do you mean you learned most of my knowledge? You're far from that!" Sheridan insisted. He said this despite knowing he had very little to teach Rocky. One thing was left, a piece of crucial knowledge that Rocky was not yet ready for. Sheridan sighed inwardly. Rocky's astonishing talent and comprehension ability was beyond his imagination. If he had known exactly how gifted Rocky was, he might not have been in such a rush to teach him almost everything. He was afraid that Rocky would turn arrogant.

Rocky smiled. He knew Sheridan was still keeping something in reserve. And although he did crave knowledge, Rocky did not wish to learn every single nuance too quickly. But there was one thing he could benefit from. "Teach me Beast Curing Skill," Rocky said. Since the lab was ready, such a skill would be of the utmost importance. He could combine it with his knowledge of modern medicine and improve upon the concepts.

"Sheridan, please teach me Beast Curing Skill," Rocky said again. Already his mind was running through possibilities for the lab.

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