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   Chapter 241 A Direct Rejection

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 5427

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To Isis, only a fool or one with aggressive ambition would decline such an immense opportunity. A fool would be unable to weigh the pros and cons of such a decision's impact on his career. Meanwhile, the one with aggressive aspirations would retreat, perhaps biding time for another day, for the sake of advancing to a higher position. But she felt that Rocky did not seem to fit in either category. He was genuinely rejecting the olive branch her father had extended--an offer that many other men would've died for. There must have been a serious reason for rejecting the proposal. Or perhaps Rocky had a few more secrets he was trying to hide.

"Isn't it too rash to just reject me so quickly? Maybe you need more time to think it over. Take your time, sleep on it. You might change your mind. If that happens, you're welcome to come back to the home base to discuss it with me or my daughter at any time," Lance explained in a steady tone. The truth was that he had already foreseen Rocky's rejection. He had expected him to refuse; otherwise he would seem as though he were a conniving man looking to climb the ladder.

"Then please allow me to excuse myself," Rocky replied politely, and said nothing more as he turned away, bidding Lance and Isis goodbye with merely a deft fist-and-palm salute.

"Well, Isis? What is your opinion of this young man?" Lance asked, turning to his daughter after Rocky had departed.

"He seems capable enough for the position, but he seems like a strange guy. I feel like that we're not getting the whole story, like he has something to hide. But what I really don't understand, fa

y materials to construct a lab from the Super Beast Farm. For everything else that the Super Beast Farm did not have in stock, Rocky entrusted Shawn to customize them as he needed from the supplier. Even though Shawn was merely a boss of the branch, the Super Beast Farm enjoyed a certain level of prestige and fame in the Holy Dragon Empire, and even throughout the entire Wild Spirit Land. This led to the building of a sophisticated social network of connections. No matter how scarce a material was, the farm would be able to acquire it upon request, for a good price.

Yes, Shawn had viewed Rocky as their cash cow for a long time now. He would never think to turn down whatever Rocky asked him now. Besides, he was tipped generously for every errand. He would be more than happy to serve his own interests and pockets.

Rocky went shopping in Evian City to make another round of purchases after he finished the transactions in the Super Beast Farm. When he finally headed back, he was fully loaded down with numerous materials meant to foster the construction of his lab.

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