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   Chapter 240 Knowing Each Other

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 5286

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After getting along with Rocky for some time, Isis didn't object to her father cultivating Rocky. Aside from his weird and annoying temperament, Rocky's comprehensive capability was undisputed. Marin once told Isis that though he looked weak, Rocky was a spirit manipulator at the second grade of the Earthly Stage. Besides, his performance at the Army Flag Contest had proved that undoubtedly he was a real talent.

However, Isis found her father's plans to promote Rocky to the probationary adjutant general at the Headquarters of the General Staff worrying. He was barely a breeder. Such a skip-level promotion was unheard of at the Crimson Dragon Group, more so to Isis. Left to her, Rocky would first undergo trials as an adjutant at the northeast military camp where he would have to rise through the ranks to the position of a staff officer should his performance meet expectations. Next, she would arrange an assignment in which Rocky would play the role of civil official in the Headquarters of the General Staff. And finally, when the time was ripe for another appointment, only then could he get the promotion of the probationary adjutant general. By Isis's theory, rather than accomplish everything in one swoop, Rocky should have to spend at least three to five years being a probationary adjutant general in the Headquarters of the General Staff. And if by any chance he anticipated an even higher position, all the more time it would take him to realize it.

However, for Lance, Isis's father, he would rather Rocky skip the arduous journey and attain the position of

ir, entrancing Isis in a state of utter bewilderment.

Isis couldn't tell if it was his words that had made her jaw drop or how prompt he was in refusing her father's offer. 'What is wrong with this guy? But more importantly, who is he?' Isis's surprise soon melted into a scowl. Sure she didn't approve of her father's methods or his relentless yearning to scale Rocky through the ranks. But no one, especially not this nobody, would refuse her father his deepest wishes. She regarded Rocky with a steely gaze. Isis wasn't exactly kicking against the idea of sending Rocky to the supreme headquarters. Her reaction was merely a show of concern, one only a child could have for a loved parent, about Lance's doggedness on the matter. Isis found it a tad improper, if not entirely surprising, that Rocky would assume the office in such a fashion. But to her surprise, as well as her father's, Rocky had taken the offer as a pinch of salt. He had just bluntly turned down an opportunity only dreamed of by his contemporaries at the Crimson Dragon Group.

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