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   Chapter 239 Keeping A Low Profile

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Rocky became jittery. The way Lance glanced at him with questioning eyes caused him unease immediately. It was at this stage that his mind lingered that Lance might have arrayed his eyes on Basil before. Lance was one of the Three Great Generals of the Holy Dragon Empire. This offered him the golden opportunities to visit the Palace City and attend various ceremonies and rituals more regularly. These chances gave Lance time to see Basil.

The simple logic of this made Rocky engulfed in dread. His adrenaline flooded his system; it also pumped and thumped like it was trying to evade. All this fear emerged from him, because if Lance recognized him, the result might become more inconvenient than helpful to him. Above all, it would throw all the arrangements set up in the trash. If he had the slightest perception of all this, then he wouldn't have dared offer a commitment to Marin to be part and parcel in the Army Flag Contest by being a participant. He wouldn't have showcased his strengths for a basic primary Dark Heaven Egg.

Unfortunately, all this was in vain since it was too late for second opinions. The mess was already done and could not be reversed. With no hope left on him, all Rocky had to rely on was Lance not recognizing him.

Lance had a closer glimpse at Rocky, taking a good look at him from head to toe for a few minutes. His memories served him right and Rocky looked familiar. But he didn't have the slightest notion where he had arrayed his eyes on him. This made him abandon the concept of knowing his identity any further. However, there was a greater possibility of Lance uncovering Rocky's true identity if he recalled carefully given Rocky's top-secret identity.

Lance wasn't the character who kept details. This made Rocky fortunate enough and lucky. The reason he had called Rocky was to interrogate about the array he had set up. He questioned Rocky. "What is your name?"

"My name is Rocky Bai." 'Lance doesn't remember me, ' Rocky pondered to himself as he emitted an exhale of relief. This was after realizing that Lance's eyes suddenly came back to a normal state. It was a huge relief to Rocky. He returned the quizzes with his warm voice as early spring. He further made obeisance to Lance by cupping one hand in the other before his chest.

"What position do you hold in the northeast military camp?" Rocky was a breeder in the northeast military camp. Lance was in the dark and had no slightest idea about this.

"Father, he is a breeder," Isis answered first before Rocky could utter a single word and reply to the query.

"You are the breeder of the northeast military camp?" Shock reflected on Lance's face before he could conceal it. This statement took him by surprise, making him grimace.

Rocky also noncommittally nodded.

'This is unheard of, specifically if Marin sent Rocky there. She has invariably had the absolute desire to have precedence over others. It is unlike her

such a great talent.

"Deputy Commander in Chief, you think highly of me. For Pete's sake? How can I have understanding and knowledge with military tactics considering I am a breeder?" Rocky remained firm with his words; nothing would drive him to alter that and reveal the truth.

Upon discovering that Rocky was uncompromising in revealing the truth, Isis's face was suppressed in rage; she gritted teeth to remain silent; her exuded animosity was acid-burning, slicing and potent. She wanted to teach him a lesson. The only chance was letting Rocky stay in the base camp for three days. While he was there, he would adhere and execute everything she declared with no protests.

Just as Isis was calculating her moves on how to get even on Rocky and teach him a lesson, Lance said, "Young man, if it's okay with you, I'd like to transfer you to the base camp and let you serve as the probationary adjutant general of the Headquarters of the General Staff. Whatever you ask for, I shall grant it. This is only if you come with us. You shall have everything you want under your nose, I promise."

"Father? Are you serious?" Rocky was still only a breeder in the northeast military camp. It gave Isis shivers after her father made such an impulsive verdict. It was like he had poured gasoline onto the spark of fear in her belly. It was because he was of the lowest capacity even in the military camp. However, if he became a probationary adjutant general, it would promote him to a much higher level, a position which was only one level lower than the Deputy Commander of the small-size military camp. He would be equivalent to a Deputy Commander of a small-size military camp once he became a formal adjutant general. The state her father paid such an enormous concern to build up a talent caught her by surprise. It was unlike him to do such a deed. With this in mind, it seemed her father had decided to cultivate Rocky. He was of great importance to him.

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