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   Chapter 238 Prince Basil

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"That's him." Isis nodded in agreement.

"I remember you said he was in his twenties. I didn't think he knew how to set up an array, especially an advanced one. Is he a genius on arrays?" Lance muttered.

Because Lance indicated that he considered Rocky a genius, the people who heard his remark looked at each other in surprise. Lance appreciated no more than three people in the past.

"When the Army Flag Contest is over, bring him to me," Lance instructed after contemplating for a while.

"I understand." Isis nodded.

Lance then turned and walked away, followed by people's eyes.

In the meantime, the three troops of the White Army laid siege to the Black Army. However, faced with the powerful defense of the Eight Heaven Locks Array, they were not able to break through.

As the end of Army Flag Contest drew close, the three Commanders of the White Army became impatient. Finally, they made a last desperate move. Unfortunately, against the Eight Heaven Locks Array, the more careless their attacks were, the more flaws were revealed to the Black Army that they took advantage of.

As a result, the three troops of the White Army suffered great losses, while the Black Army's casualties were less than one hundred.

Soon after, a green light lifted off from the platform, signaling the end of the Army Flag Contest.

Seeing the rising green light, the three Commanders of the White Army turned pale, glaring at the Eight Heaven Locks Array. They were extremely disappointed.

Rocky dismissed the array as the Army Flag Contest came to the end and Commander Cao walked out from the center of the array. He had been utterly convinced by Rocky's capable leadership. He never thought that the Black Army, with its inferior position, could win the Army Flag Contest. Rocky's remarkable skill made the impossible possible.

"Commander Cao, were you the one who created the array?"

"What's the name of that array? How could it repel the combined attacks of three troops?"

"Commander Cao, you're really amazing!"

the Commanders of the White Army excitedly asked Commander Cao about the details of the array. They didn't have the slightest idea that the array was created by Rocky

"I'm not the one responsible. Rocky devised the array," Commander Cao replied as he pointed at Rocky beside him with his thumb.

"Him? How could that be? Isn't he just a breeder from the northeast military camp? If he could create an array like that then pigs could fly," one of the three Commanders of the White Army scoffed. They could not believe that the impenetrable array that brought them down was made by Rocky.

"Believe it or not, it's Rocky's handiwork not mine. I think you Frontline Comma

wants to see me?" Rocky asked in disbelief as he turned back to look at Isis.

"This is your opportunity, Rocky," Commander Cao said as he came up beside Rocky.

"Let's go," Isis called. She went ahead then glanced at Rocky signaling him to follow.

Rocky frowned slightly, confused. He wondered why the Commander in Chief would want to see him. If he knew this would happen, he probably wouldn't have pushed himself so hard. Unfortunately, the Black Army's misgivings forced him to do everything he could. However, his ability seemed to always bring him trouble.

If the Commander in Chief wanted to meet him, he had no reason to refuse because he still wanted to be with the northeast military camp. He had to follow Isis.

After walking through the supreme headquarters following Isis, Rocky entered a magnificent building guarded by troops. A few moments later, he was standing in what he believed to be the study of Lance.

"Father, he is here," Isis announced as she entered the room with Rocky close behind her. Lance was busy going through official documents on his desk, barely noticing their arrival.

Lance raised his head slowly to stare at the direction where Rocky was standing. His countenance slowly turned grim as he laid eyes on Rocky at this close distance for the first time since the contest. He explored the deep recesses of his memory for an answer and yet it eluded him. His unsettling feeling that he had met Rocky somewhere before met with defeat; same as the Frontline Commanders did on the field.

Lance's initial instinct was correct. He indeed had seen Rocky before. However, during that time his name was Basil. And his first impression of Basil was sickly and weak.

And because of this, he failed to recognize that Rocky and Prince Basil were the same person.

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