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   Chapter 237 It Was Him

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Disappointment and shock were evident in the faces of the three ghastly pale Commanders of the White Army at the awful sight of their severely injured vanguard. The devastating fate was effortlessly done by the Black Army without losing any of their soldiers. The White Army had to retract their vanguard to plan a better strategy for a counterattack.

After a thorough discussion, they prepared in combat forming a strategic array to fight the Black Army. Though they were confident and determined, they were still bewildered what made the Black Army invulnerable in the battle.

Considering the capabilities of the three Commanders, they could only do the most ordinary and simplest arrays. As a matter of fact, those were not arrays at all. Though they were not good at using arrays, giving up was not appropriate. Least of all did they want their opponents win the final battle. The Black Army had seven army flags standing in their array. With only five flags on the other side, even a draw was far-fetched.

Given the difficult circumstance, the White Army must break the solidarity of the weird array to disperse the Black Army. This was the only way the White Army could have an opportunity to use their superior military strength and defeat the Black Army with full advantage.

With this goal in mind, the three Commanders led their respective troops to form an array for attack. They carefully moved towards the Eight Heaven Locks Array. Driven by a burning passion, they forwarded with eagerness to break through it. As agreed by the three Commanders, the successful troop would obtain all the army flags of the Black Army and Dark Heaven Eggs.

When both arrays were formed on both sides, the intense battle commenced.

The crowd on the grandstand were astounded at the effective defense of the Black Army's weird array despite being outnumbered by the White Army.

Isis gasped in astonishment, "Oh, what array is this?" Still stunned by the performance she said to herself, "I've never seen that before in any of the books I've read about tactics." The array was an unconventional combination of attack and defense, detailed in an airtight and organized manner. It was amazing indeed. Isis released an inaudible sigh at the impressive scene on the training ground. Her accumulated knowledge from extensive reading of military books since childhood made her well-versed on the study of arrays. Her eyes widened upon witnessing the unique performance. She never encountered such a weird array in the books she read. The exceptional array was flawless. Isis could not see a way to penetrate it. It was almost perfectly done and unbreakable.

The array was unquestionably impressive but Isis was more interested to know the man behind the great invention. There were two Commanders of the Black Army, the battle-scarred veteran Commander Cao and an inexperienced neophyte named Rocky. Given the intricate details of t

such a perfect array.

"Commander Marin is absent today," She said tersely without directly answering the question. Reading what was running on his father's head, she quickly added, "Father, it's not me." She wanted to add 'It is Rocky's idea. With this great job, he's definitely better than me.' but she held her tongue bitten keeping the painful thought to herself. In fact, startled at the array, she conceded in heart that Rocky was better qualified than her.

"Oh? Is that so? Who organizes the array then?" he replied immediately with astonishment. He was so surprised that one of the Frontline Commanders of the Crimson Dragon Group was even more competent than his daughter. Also, he was pleased that the Crimson Dragon Group always produced talented people.

"I'm not sure but there are only two Commanders of the Black Army, so it must be one of them," Isis pointed out. Her voice was tainted with jealousy but tried her best to set aside her emotions while dealing with her father's questions.

"Who are they?" Lance shot her a look demanding an answer. He was eager to know the gifted man behind the amazing array.

"One is Commander Cao and the other is the representative of the northeast military camp sent by Commander Marin," Isis responded quickly.

"The representative of the northeast military camp? Who is he?" Lance repeated as if digging for more information. His eyes reflected aroused curiosity to know the representative. Commander Cao was Lance's subordinate and had been in the army for many years so he knew his capability very clearly. He naturally excluded him and apparently, the creator must be the representative of the northeast military camp.

Isis met his father's gaze. She walked up to him, reached for his ears and whispered a few words.

"It was him?" Lance murmured in amazement. He knew that the representative of the northeast military camp was Rocky, the man whose identity was confidential.

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