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   Chapter 236 The Amazing Array

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Quickly, Rocky and Commander Cao of the Black Army, led their troops of nearly seven hundred soldiers to a nearby open area.

Just when the Black Army's troops had retreated to a safe place, the latest battlefield report was also sent to the grandstand.

"What? The White Army lost one more troop, and the Black Army has more army flags than the White Army does?" Isis exclaimed. It was clear that she was confused about the news she had received. However, all the people present were more startled than she was.

"I cannot believe this news. Even though the White Army lost one more troop, there are three left. The Black Army has only two troops. How is it possible that the Black Army has more army flags?" an Elite Commander asked because he had not seen nor heard of such a situation ever before.

"That is because, of the two Black Army's troops, one has six army flags," the spirit manipulator who was responsible for delivering the battlefield report, replied.

His words astonished everyone in the crowd. After hearing the spirit manipulator's words, they became curious. Also, they were eager to find out the name of the Commander, who had shown exceptional courage, and obtained six army flags under an adverse situation.

"It must be Commander Cao. No one else is more experienced nor more competent than he is in the Black Army," someone in the crowd, guessed.

Everyone present nodded their heads and concurred with his deduction.

"No, it's not Commander Cao. The troop's Commander is the representative of the northeast military camp. He just came with the Deputy Commander in Chief," was the spirit manipulator's response, which took everyone by surprise.

On hearing him, there was pin-drop silence. The crowd's ashen faces made them look like frozen sculptures that were fixed to the ground on which they stood. They were in complete shock, and it seemed that they had become immobile.

"You mean Rocky's troop now has six army flags?" Isis asked in disbelief. As there had been no special communication about Rocky's troop in the previous battlefield reports, she could neither imagine nor understand how he could get six army flags in an instant.

"Moreover, I was informed just now that the Black Army had taken two White Army Commanders, captive," the spirit manipulator continued, as he nodded his head, without committing to anything.

"So, were the two White Army troops that went missing, defeated by the breeder?"

"How can that be? I do not think that the northeast military camp's breeder even understands military strategy and tactics."


xplore what the real situation there was.

"Come close!" Rocky shouted as the vanguard of the White Army approached where they were camped.

Instantly, the eight teams in the shapes of the Eight Diagrams got close to each other to form an impenetrable defense system.

When the White Army's vanguard came close, they saw they had nowhere to attack, so they scattered, and started finding flaws.

"External rows, turn around!" Rocky ordered. The soldiers of each of the eight teams' external rows turned around immediately, at the place where they were, and took turns to fight the soldiers of the White Army's vanguard.

From the way the vanguard appeared, it looked that they had been indeed knocked senseless.

"The external rows come back and the north rows open..." Rocky shouted another order. Without any delay, the north rows split from the center towards the right and the left.

Seeing an opportunity to take advantage of, without hesitating, several soldiers of the White Army's vanguard rushed into the array.

"North rows come back. Middle rows, attack!" Rocky thundered another command. Since the enemy had been trapped, he asked the north rows to go back to their position. Meanwhile, the soldiers in the middle rows that Commander Cao was leading, quickly attacked the White Army's soldiers.

Seeing the Black Army's soldiers approach them from all directions, the White Army's vanguard understood that they were trapped, and in no way could they save themselves. After the namesake resistance that they put up, the Black Army's soldiers, crushed their spirits, defeated them and pushed them out of the array.

Soon, that resulted in the White Army's vanguard losing more than half of its soldiers.

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