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   Chapter 235 The Critical Hour Of The Contest

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The soldiers from the White Army were having a fierce battle with one squad of the Black Army, which was led by Commander Cao. In the heat of that hour, Rocky led his squad and arrived at the back end of the White Army's troop. It was a strike back situation. The very next moment Rocky and his men launched a surprise attack against their opponents.

The White Army was dazed by this sudden attack. They weren't expecting to be sandwiched and attacked by two squads of the Black Army at the same time. They were in a fix. Acknowledging the unfavorable conditions, the White Army's commander immediately ordered his troop to withdraw to a terrain that seemed more favorable for their safety. They then stayed in that area and defended themselves from the attacks of their opponents in a tactful way, hoping desperately that the other squads would come to their rescue.

Unfortunately, the soldiers from the three troops of the White Army were busy chasing feints of the Black Army that Rocky had arranged in advance to lure and distract them from the real fight. They seemed to have been badly tricked.

However, it wasn't long before they realized that they got fooled. They immediately rushed back to support the lone squad which was sandwiched and attacked.

But still, it was too late. The lone squad had already surrendered and given up their flag. So, at the moment, the Black Army was on the lead, one step closer to the final victory with 7 flags and two squads left.

Who could ever imagine that Rocky, a breeder at the beast farm, who had been ridiculed by the Frontline Commanders earlier was now actually the one who had the most flags?

"Excuse me, but may I know your name?" Commander Cao who was always extremely arrogant asked Rocky modestly. As an experienced Frontline Commander, he knew that it wasn't easy to achieve so many flags. It was not accomplished by accident or fluke. If Rocky was not capable, he wouldn't have managed to attain such success.

"Rocky Bai," Rocky responded calmly.

"So, you are Rocky. May I know what role you hold in the northeast military camp? When you say that you are a breeder, you must be joking, right?" Commander Cao carefully inquired. It was difficult for him or any other commoner to believe that a mere breeder could have such outstanding commanding abilities and that he could apply military strategy and tactics so flexibly and cleverly.

"Now, do I have to lie to you?" Rocky put up a straight face and asked when he realized that Commander Cao couldn't believe his identity.

"But Rocky, your way of commanding the troops is no less than the way real commanders do it, including myself. This is definitely not something a breeder can do!" Commander Cao raised his queries, also subtly praising Rocky's great ability at the same time.

"Believe it or not, it's up to you," Rocky said. "But the most important thing now is to keep these seven flags we have gained to ourselves." He racked his brain as he stroked his chin. Even though they now had an edge over the other White Army, there was still some time before the 'Army Flag Contest' ended. And right now, the

s also her master. As the old saying went, the pupil outdoes his master. So, as soon as Rocky said that he wanted to use array, Commander Cao realized that he was not an ordinary person. No wonder he had seen Rocky come to join the 'Army Flag Contest' with Deputy Commander in Chief.

"Is there anything weird?" Rocky couldn't help but ask, when he saw Commander Cao's reaction.

Of course, for a modern scientist like Rocky who was equipped with such a large amount of profound knowledge that others would never discover, array art was something he had grasped out of his privileged access.

"No, no. I am just curious about what kind of array you want to use," Commander Cao humbly inquired.

"Eight Heaven Locks Array!" Rocky told him about the ancient special array that had a strong power of attack and defense.

"What is this array about? Till today, I had only heard about the shield array, the saber array, the empty gate array... This is really my first time to hear about the Eight Heaven Locks Array." Commander Cao was confused and wanted to know more about the array.

"If you know it, I am sure you can be appointed as Deputy Commander in Chief," Rocky said teasingly and raised his eyebrows.

"Rocky, you are mocking me!" Commander Cao said meekly, with an embarrassed smiled.

"We don't have much time now. We should retreat immediately. I'll tell you about this array while we do so. To deploy the array, we have to first choose a large open area," Rocky explained urgently.

"An open area! But how do we defend in an open area?" Commander Cao asked, puzzled by Rocky's idea.

"The Eight Heaven Locks Array can be used for both attack and defense after being well deployed. So, with this array, we don't have to rely on the advantage of any terrain at all. As long as it is used properly, we can stop the attack of thousands of armies!" Rocky exclaimed with great confidence.

Commander Cao was not very confident about the magical function of the array. But the demand of the moment was such that he had no other option but to retain his trust in Rocky.

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