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   Chapter 234 Outstanding Capabilities

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By now, Rocky had seen through the current situation. The White Army had four troops while the Black Army only had two troops left. He could reasonably conclude that the military strength of the White Army was twice that of the Black Army. And once the White Army mounted a siege with all its forces aimed towards one of the Black Army's troops, the latter would be completely wiped out. And if the remaining troop of the Black Army faced the same odds, he would be powerless. So even though Rocky had five army flags, it would be pointless without any troops at his command.

"How much time do we have left?" Rocky immediately asked, turning to the soldier beside him. Even though time was short, he hoped he would still be able to make it.

"About two hours," the soldier responded politely.

"There's not enough time left. However, if we raid them by surprise, like an ambush, we may still have a chance to win the competition," Rocky murmured contemplatively. Staring into the distance and lost in thought, he knew that he had to come up with a strategy to tip the scales back to their favor.

Finally, he looked up. "Brothers, it's show time! Do you want to win this competition?!" Rocky shouted over the ranks, aiming to lift his soldiers' spirit. It was absolutely imperative that he boost troop morale first so that the soldiers would obey his orders unfailingly.

"Yes, we do!" hundreds of soldiers yelled back in unison. Each of them were hungry for the final victory, eager to prove themselves victorious in combat.

"Good! That's exactly what I want! However! We still have one thing to do. We need to root out one of the White Army's troops before the four of them gather together. But for that, I need fifty able-bodied soldiers to launch a suicide attack. Understand, however, that though you won't actually die, this means that you won't be able to fight to the end with your brethren soldiers. But I promise your sacrifices will lead to the final victory for us. Who are willing to make this ultimate sacrifice? Step forward!" Rocky's commanding voice carried over the troop.

In an instant, at least two hundred soldiers stepped forward, willing to lay themselves on the line to perform the suicide attack. Morale in Rocky's troop was high from their winning streak. And as ardent youths, they were all eager for the final victory with the Black Army. Hence, they were willing to sacrifice their lives if necessary.

Rocky selected fifty of his fastest runners among the two hundred soldiers. These men would be the bait to attract three of the White Army's troops, which had just besieged the other remaining Black Army troop. It was the runners' task to drag away the three troops so that they couldn't join in the batt

ls about the surprise attack, held in collaboration with Commander Cao's own troop.

As all this was happening, the three White Army troops that had besieged another Black Army troop was on their way to join forces with their brethren. At this point, they believed that victory was a foregone conclusion and their morale was high. In actuality, they had no idea that the White Army had already lost two of their troops and one more would soon be wiped out by the joint forces of Rocky and Commander Cao.

Meanwhile the suicide raid team from the Black Army was approaching their position before the White Army troops. Their task was simple: to pin them right where they were and buy as much time as they could for Rocky and Commander Cao.

It wasn't long before the White Army's scouts started to discover the trails and traces left behind purposefully by the suicide team, and alerted the rest of their men.

Once the Commanders of the White Army were informed, they suspected that two Black Army troops were nearby. Without a moment's hesitation, they directed their troops to set out to find those troops and retrieve their flags. But their greed was to be their downfall. They had no idea that by rerouting their men, they had just left one of their own troops as a sitting duck, waiting to be defeated.

In the valley, Commander Cao waited for the most opportune moment and removed the line of defense as Rocky had instructed. Chaos reigned as the Black Army troop fell upon the White Army troop at full force.

The commander of the White Army felt as though this was the Black Army's last hurrah, and so he commanded his men to fight fiercely against them. Pandemonium sounded over the valley as battle began.

The combat ensued, with the White Army's Commander unaware that he had fallen neatly into Rocky's trap.

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