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   Chapter 233 New Decision

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The commander in yellow strutted around like a proud rooster. "Stomachache? Did he run away already? I can't blame him if he is afraid. He is outnumbered after all." He stood with his chin up, as if he had already won. "Show yourself! Who leads these fools against my mighty army?" He thundered as his eyes searched the battlefield for the enemy leader.

One of the few remaining soldiers finally looked up at him. "Our commander is very different from who you people expect him to be." The solider answered in defiance, flinching when the commander in yellow turned his cruel eyes to him.

"Are you talking about the breeder? Commander Zhao was defeated so easily by that lowlife?" the commander asked the soldier while clutching his jaw tightly in a bruising grip. The soldier struggled against him but could not even move, let alone speak. He could only nod furiously in the hope that the commander in yellow would loosen his hand. After getting the answer that he needed, the commander turned to Flank. His smiled brighter than his yellow clothes, enjoyment obvious on his face. He laughed smugly at Flank, and amused at the sight of Flank as he struggled against his bindings.

Flank knew he should be angry. In a different situation, he would never tolerate this much disrespect. But at that moment, all he felt was terror and frustration in the face of the commander in yellow's ignorance. He struggled harder against the bindings and gag in his mouth. He fought to speak not even registering the awful taste of dirty rags in his mouth in his anxiety. He needed to warn him about Rocky!

The commander in yellow raised an eyebrow when he noticed Flank's struggle. He thought Flank did not want to accept his own failure, and was bitter that someone else would instead reap the harvest of success. His smug smile widened at the thought.

"Oh, Commander Zhao, you'll be the joke of the town when people find out that you were defeated by a breeder. But don't worry, this will be our little secret!" the commander in yellow laughed loudly. He sauntered in front of the soldiers and took his time to approach Flank. He came to a stop in front of Flank and tore the filthy rag from his mouth.

"This is a trap, you fool!" Flank exclaimed immediately. His hands were still bound but his eyes burned with hatred and frustration towards the commander in yellow.

"No need to be like that, Commander Zhao. I can see the envy in your eyes. You hate that I have so many flags, don't you?" the commander in yellow said arrogantly. Flank snarled at him hatefully in response.

"Commander Zhao does look uncomfortable right now. Maybe he'd like some company to join him soon?" A voice suddenly called from behind.

The commander whirled around, his yellow clothes unfurled around him. His eyes wide and mouth agape, he stared at Rocky in surprise. 'How did he sneak up on me?'

"You are finally back here. Unfortunately, most of your troops have ran away. Do you think you can defeat us on your own?" the commander in the yellow clothes said scornfully when he recovered. He puffed his chest in bravado and tried to hide


Noise and chaos broke out after the spirit manipulator's announcement. 'How did the Black Army who were at a disadvantage, manage to defeat two White Army troops without anyone knowing it?'

"There are only three Black Army troops left. One of them is being attacked by three White Army troops. The other one is being attacked by one White Army troop. The last one has not moved from their last position," Isis speculated. "Which Black Army troop is so powerful that it could destroy two White Army troops right under our noses?" she continued, her face marred by a frown. Even if she was proficient in the art of war, this situation had caught them completely off guard.

Isis had no idea that the troop they thought had stayed in their original place had actually advanced secretly by an unknown path. They had waited for the White Army troops to come into their trap. What Isis also did not expect was that two White Army troops had already thrown themselves into the trap and lost four flags to this Black Army troop.

And no one would even suspect or imagine that this troop was under Rocky's command.

However, the situation on the battlefield had once again changed. A black unit was unable to withstand the attacks of three White Army troops and was finally defeated.

Now the Black Army was left with Rocky and the troop led by Commander Cao. The troop led by Commander Cao were locked in battle against a troop of the White Army. Despite Rocky's victory, the situation of the Black Army was still extremely grim.

However, the victory was based on the total number of flags owned by the two sides. Although there were still four White Army troops left in the battle, the number of flags that the two sides had were the same now. This was because Rocky already had five flags alone. And if they added the flag which was possessed by Commander Cao, the Black Army had a total of six flags which was the same as the White Army.

This situation weighed heavily on Rocky. His next decisions could very well lead them to a great victory, or tragic defeat.

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