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   Chapter 232 Capture

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"Come on! What are you all waiting for? Tie up Commander Zhao this instant! We finally have this guy," Rocky ordered.

Many soldiers cheered excitedly and surrounded Flank at once.

"How dare you!" Flank yelled furiously. How bold of Rocky to insult him like this! He never thought that a bunch of soldiers would tie him down. Anger seeped through his body, and his emotions were now out of hand as he activated his spiritual power instantly.

The soldiers were caught off guard as they witnessed the scene. They soon came to a realization that no one among them could be compared to Flank who was at the eighth grade of the Earthly Stage.

"Commander Zhao, no one is allowed to use the spiritual power. Have you forgotten about the guidelines of this competition?" Rocky nonchalantly said. His arms folded in front of his chest as he looked straight into Flank's glaring eyes.

Like he was splashed with cold water, Flank froze on his spot and withdrew his spiritual power at once. Speechless, all he could do was stare and curse Rocky in his mind. He went from an aggressive tiger to a paper one within seconds.

"Tie him up!" Rocky demanded.

Flank was known as an arrogant commander who always looked down on everyone below his rank. Without any hint of regret, some bold soldiers charged towards him. After all, when else could they have another chance like this? An opportunity to treat their commander as a captive was hard to come by. The soldiers started to bind him from head to toe. They made a knot to secure the rope and pulled to tighten it. Flank stifled a groan after every pull as it scratched his skin. The soldiers continued with a satisfied grin plastered on their faces.

"Damn it! Let me go before you regret this! You are nothing but a feeder of the northeast military camp. How dare you do this to me! You fucking..." Flank yelled angrily at Rocky.

"Calm down, Commander Zhao! It's just a contest, and I'm here not because I want to but I'm here on behalf of Commander Marin. What I'm trying to say is, I actually have the privilege of a commander in this game. You may think that I'm just fooling around but I need to win and bring honor to our northeast military camp and I apologize." Flank sneered upon hearing Rocky's words. "Guys, put a gag in his mouth!" Rocky ordered. A soldier immediately took a piece of rag and shoved it into Flank's mouth.

Soon after, Rocky gave money to the two hundred betrayed soldiers and asked them to leave the training field. The soldier

ander Zhao chased after the black unit. Out of nowhere, he was hit by a surprise attack. Commander Zhao asked me to find a white unit for support then," the injured soldier answered as he shook his head.

"That's weird. Currently, only three black units are left. Except the one being led by Commander Cao, neither of the other two is as strong as Commander Zhao's unit. How on earth could they get him into the trap?" the commander in yellow questioned.

"Commander Zhao is always so arrogant because of his past honor. I guess he underestimated the black unit, which led to his captivity. The black unit seemed to bear a huge loss. We can divide into three squads and surround them from three directions. That's enough to take down the black unit then," murmured the commander in yellow.

He divided his men into three squads and ordered them to stand and face three directions. When the commander in yellow gave out a sign, his three squads encircled those enemies from the east, south and west.

Upon seeing the forceful encirclement, the black soldiers were frightened to the core. They threw away their weapons and armors, and then fled away from the scene. But not everyone managed to escape. Few dozen soldiers were too scared to move, so they chose to raise their hands to surrender.

The commander in yellow decided to not go after those black soldiers who fled. After all, this was a friendly competition and not a war.

"Where is your commander?" asked the commander in yellow, after he strode towards the remaining black soldiers.

"Our commander said he had a stomachache and went to relieve himself," a black soldier answered with a scared look.

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