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   Chapter 231 Extraordinary Trick

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"Commander Zhao, it's been a while since we last met. I hope that you are well," Rocky smiled while looking at Flank.

"You bastard! How dare you show your face? It seems like you fancy meeting death right now since you've willingly brought yourself to me," Flank replied with malice. He wanted Rocky to pay, and he had planned many schemes to take revenge on Rocky.

"I know there are some misunderstandings between you and I. But I am more than willing to offer my friendship if you, Commander Zhao, choose to forgive me for my mistakes in the past. I can hand over the army flag of my troop as a sign of honor," Rocky said with utmost sincerity. His genuine expression seemed to show how much he admitted his mistakes. Flank however, was unmoved by Rocky's expression.

But the offer of the army flag did not pass him, and his greed immediately overtook his pride. Flank did not want to seem so eager, so he maintained his attitude as he asked, "You bastard, why are you suddenly so generous? Is this part of you secret plans? Do you think I will easily fall into your trap?"

"Commander Zhao, I am but a mere breeder. How could I possibly be able to lead a troop to fight?" Rocky explained with a helpless tone. He had expected Flank to doubt his offer, but he was determined to act as innocent as possible to hide his motive.

Flank was baffled with Rocky's response. He couldn't detect any loopholes in what Rocky had said. It was true that not everyone could lead a troop in battle, let alone an ordinary breeder with no military experience. If even Rocky could master the tactics, Commanders like him would retire. With these in mind, he became more convinced.

Flank didn't want to let Rocky off that easily. However, someone else could capture the army flag before he could, so he planned to be the first to get it. Besides, after taking the flag, he could concentrate on having his vengeance on Rocky. After formulating this plan, Flank's attitude took a quick turn as he replied, "Since you seem to be sincere, I will forgive you. We can write off all our old scores if you hand over the army flag to me."

"Excellent. Please follow me, Commander Zhao, and I will lead you to the flag. I was afraid that you wouldn't agree to my proposal, so I hid it in a safe place," Rocky said wearing an appreciative smile to show his gratitude for Flank's forgiveness. Then he turned and led the way.

"Follow him," Flank ordered his soldiers. He didn't want the opportunity to slip, especially since it was in such a short reach.

Almost immediately, scores of soldiers caught up with Rocky and circled around him. Flank followed suit with more soldiers accompanying him.

'Did he set any ambushes?' Flank speculated as they walked on. Being a veteran in battle made him suspicious of situations like this. He wasn't silly enough to put his trust on Rocky that quickly, so he k

seven hundred soldiers appeared from all directions and besieged Flank and his troop of three hundred.

With a wave of Rocky's hand, they attacked before Flank could take in the situation. Flank's troop was unprepared, so they too were stunned by the number of their enemies. Thanks to his well thought-out plan, Rocky's men had emerged in a perfect spot and they had the upper hand. Because of this, they were able to attack Flank's soldiers easily.

In just a few moments, with the element of surprise, Flank lost more than half of his people. He was alarmed. The situation was by no means in favor to him.

Recognizing his two hundred soldiers, Flank realized that his men had betrayed him, and his face turned ghastly pale.

"I only want the fool you call Commander, so I won't give you a hard time. If you all surrender to me, you may leave without suffering further harm. You can't win, so I advice you not to waste your time and energy. If you all do as I say, I will let you off, and we will put this behind us," Rocky told the soldiers who still stood by Flank's side.

Finding themselves completely trapped, Flank's soldiers lost their will to fight, and finally accepted their doomed defeat. They would rather leave and rest than suffer a pointless struggle. Surrendering, they dropped their weapons, and turned away from their Commander.

"Y-you..." Flank sputtered and flushed with rage at the sight of the traitors. His own troop had betrayed and deserted him.

In a short while, only Flank was left. His face was red with anger and embarrassment. It was a stinging insult for a renowned Frontline Commander who had made great contributions in battles to be defeated by a lowly breeder.

But Flank was to be blamed for all his misfortunes. He had underestimated Rocky, an outstanding scientist from the modern world who could apply tactics and stratagem from all ages without the slightest hesitation.

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