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   Chapter 230 Shatter The Enemies Into Pieces (Part Two)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 5789

Updated: 2019-12-17 00:03

If Rocky's analysis of the situation was correct and if the remaining two troops of the Black Army continued to go down as the others had, then the Black Army would undoubtedly lose. With his lone troop remaining, he was going to end up surrounded by the White Army's troops. And no matter how healthy and well-rested they were, they won't be able to withstand the numbers. After all, even a fierce tiger would find itself hard-pressed to defend against a circling pack of wolves. But of course, now that Rocky knew where the wind lay, he could take steps to prevent it from happening.

'It seems that we actually have to take action now. We must find a way to salvage the situation, ' Rocky thought to himself. As he thought this, his face was stony and grim. He couldn't help putting on a stern expression. Confident in his choice of action, he summoned his troop.

As the troop had rested for a full two hours, everyone was still eager and high-spirited. They were hungry for battle, ready to shatter their enemies into pieces.

"Brothers, now is the time for you to show your full strength. We're going to war, and we are going to teach the White Army a lesson it won't forget. Do you know what I've heard? I received word of the White Army saying that they will completely defeat the soldiers of the Black Army. And they have plans to humiliate us by having us tear off our pants in surrender. They're despicably arrogant!" Rocky's words echoed over his troops. They were purposeful; he aimed to drive a raging strength to his men. He could not allow his troops to appear weak, or they would not be able to push forward as ferociously as possible in the coming battles.

And his words had their full effect: his soldiers bec

the contest finally ended and the flags were counted. In a way, the number of captured flags displayed the troop's strength.

The White Army troop led by Flank had two military flags. As long as his troop could capture one more flag, Flank knew that they would be able to stand above the rest of the White Army's troops.

'That's odd. I haven't seen Rocky's troop since the contest began. Is it possible that he is so afraid of me that he has hidden himself like a yellow-bellied coward?' Flank wondered, somewhat amazed at the audacity. He had hoped to take the opportunity to teach Rocky a lesson. However, he had yet to even glimpse Rocky's troop, let alone find a chance to severely punish him.

While Flank was still wondering where Rocky had gone, a figure suddenly materialized in front of his troop, appearing as suddenly and quietly as a gust of wind.

"You?!" Flank was aghast and speechless in shock at the sight of the figure in front of him. He glowered at it, eyes blazing in sheer malice.

Speak of the devil: it was Rocky himself, the same man that had haunted Flank's mind just now, appearing as though he was a devil summoned.

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