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   Chapter 228 Military Tactics

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Isis' brow furrowed, confused. 'What's this guy up to? Any other position will be a better answer at this moment. Why did he have to tell the truth, anyway?'

"I doubt that I heard that right. Did you just say that Commander Marin sent a feeder to join the Army Flag Contest?"

"That's utterly ridiculous! How can a feeder be qualified to even take part in this contest? This has got to be a joke!"

"What in the world is wrong with Commander Marin?"

A soft cacophony rose as everyone began murmuring among themselves, concerned that Isis would hear them. After all, she was the one who brought Rocky here. Isis wouldn't have brought him along without knowing his position. It was an unprecedented situation for a feeder to be allowed to participate in the Army Flag Contest. Such an event was usually restricted only to those ranked as Frontline Commander and Commander of the military camp.

Well aware that any further explanation she could offer would only get her into even more trouble, Isis chose to move forward. Ignoring the mutterings, she raised her voice. "All right! Attention, all of you! As all the participants are now present, we'll start the game immediately! Everyone, prepare yourselves!"

At her command, the whispering died away as everyone turned their sights to Rocky, gazing at him with barely concealed scorn. No self-respecting officials would want him as a teammate.

In the face of their cold glares, Rocky merely sneered to himself and turned his own gaze elsewhere.

Then, the Army Flag Contest began to get underway. The teams would be divided into two: a White Army and a Black Army. A random drawing of lots decided which participants were sent to either the White or the Black army. There were twelve participants in total for this contest: three commanders from three smaller military camps and eight frontline commanders that came from the headquarters. That meant that each team would have six members.

After the participating officials determined which team they were in through the draw, each one of them would then lead a unit of five hundred soldiers under either a white or black flag. Should an army's flag get snatched away by the enemy, that army would be eliminated.

The contest would last for eight hours. When time was up, the captured flags would be counted and the team that had snatched more flags from the other side will be declared the winner. The participant who led his or her unit to get the most flags would be the most valuable player, who could win not only the honor but also a primary-grade Dark Heaven Egg as reward. Huge expectations were placed in every officer for the Army Flag Contest. After all, they could only hope to get a primary-grade Dark Heaven Egg once every three months. But the Army Flag Contest, which was held every month, offered them another opportunity to get the rare treasure. No one c

eat deal of strength and endurance from everyone, and so I want everyone to rest and restore yourselves in the meantime." The strange order from Rocky caught everyone off guard. They would never have expected such a command, and they had never met a commander like him. No one had ever been commanded to rest right at the beginning of the Army Flag Contest before.

But orders were orders, and they were soldiers who did what they were told. Following Rocky's lead, they headed the east, where a lush forest was waiting. Right by the forest was a tremendous cliff. To the left of the forest was a slope, with a dead end road to the right of the forest. It was a fine spot to camp out, as it could be easily defended and made difficult for enemies to mount an attack.

"The five of you!" Rocky commanded. "Look here and listen! Each of you takes charge of observing a unit in the Black Army. I need to be informed the moment any of these units loses their flag. It's vital that I know which one loses first, alright?" Rocky made sure to select five of the finest men in the unit to do this special surveillance task.

As for the five themselves, they were even more stunned. They had never heard such a strategy before. The men had fully expected to be told to surveil and monitor units from the opposing teams, but none of them ever thought they would have to look out for the people on the same team. But whatever their thoughts, they kept those to themselves and departed at once, as commanded.

Rocky then looked to the remaining men of his unit and told them to bed down and rest. He himself sought out a comfortable nook and took a nap.

While all this went on, all the other units had camped down at their strongholds and vantage points in preparation for the first maneuvers.

Once all was settled, a red light surged up from the viewing area, shining across the entire terrain. The Army Flag Contest begun.

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