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   Chapter 227 An Unexpected Favor

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"Unfortunately, Commander Marin could not be present at this time. Something has gone amiss out on the front line. So she asked me to come here, in her stead, in the name of the northeast military camp," Rocky replied.

"She asked you to represent the entire northeast military camp?" Isis looked him over mistrustfully. There were two Deputy Commanders in the northeast military camp, and as protocol dictated, one of them was meant to have been sent over. Rocky was neither, and hence she wondered why Marin would have sent him.

"I see..." Isis sighed, unsure of the situation. "Well, you can come with me later. In the meantime, please wait for me outside." After a moment's deliberation, Isis still remained unconvinced. She decided to head to the Isis Pavilion.

Rocky, realizing that he had no real choice in the matter, went outside to wait for her. He didn't have to be patient for long, as Isis presently returned in roughly fifteen minutes' time. Emerging from the Isis Pavilion, she was a resplendent sight adorned in her brilliant, burnished copper armor. Isis stood as a figure radiating of bravery and charisma, of a heroic spirit that did not lose its gentleness. It was as though she drew even more strength from her femininity. For a moment, she took Rocky's breath away.

As Isis moved towards him, Rocky carefully rose to his feet, out of both surprise and respect. "I didn't expect you to don your armor," he said. After all, the last time that he had met her in the Spiritual Fairyland, her clothing was casual. This was the first time, as far as he could remember, that he had seen her wearing her armor.

"Ordinarily, I wouldn't wear it," Isis admitted coldly before brushing past his shoulder.

'She's embarrassed, ' Rocky noted to himself, flashing a skittish smile. Apparently, the secret between them had changed things, and she wasn't quite as amenable to talk to him. He jogged to Isis to catch up. As he did, the squad of female guards who watched over her joined them in their walk.

"Well," Isis began after an awkward pause, "I asked Marin to send you a message. Did you receive it?" Her eyes seemed shifty, clearly still unsure of what to make of him.

"I got the message," Rocky replied, a little more at ease now that he knew what her problem was.

" you understand?" Isis continued, every word weighted with meaning as she stared at him.

Now, Rocky


Upon hearing her words, the crowd was surprised, murmuring among themselves as they took in this information. All but one of them was satisfied, and that one man was someone who was already familiar with who Rocky was. Bitterly, he looked up and down at Rocky in his now vaunted position and wondered, 'Why him? Why did they choose him to represent the northeast military camp? This animal almost maimed my son. If it wasn't for the Deputy Commander in Chief, he would have been doomed!'

Frontline Commander Flank was this man who held a fierce grudge in his heart. But because of Isis and her presence, he was compelled against his will to give respect to Rocky, the man who had taught his son a lesson that wouldn't soon be forgotten.

Rocky felt that vindictive gaze on him, and lifted his eyes to meet Flank's. He allowed his lip to curl into a sneer at such thinly-veiled hostility coming from him.

A fierce staredown commenced between the two of them.

"As you come here on behalf of Commander Marin, what exactly are your duties as a civil official in the northeast military camp?" one of the Elite Commanders asked thoughtlessly. After all, he knew both of the two Deputy Commanders of the northeast military camp. Rocky did not have the same authoritative air, and he rightfully assumed that he was merely a civil official. It also seemed as though Rocky was far too young to merit any other rank at the moment.

"I'm the assigned breeder for the northeast military camp," Rocky answered coolly, without so much as batting an eye.

At that, the crowd was dumbstruck, astonished.

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