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   Chapter 226 The Army Flag Contest

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"The Army Flag Contest is held every month at the base camp. Every Frontline Commander of our Crimson Dragon Group must enter. But I just received a message reporting a problem on the front line, and you know I have to go there at once. I can't possibly take part in the Army Flag Contest again. Someone else should participate on behalf of the northeast military camp," Marin explained promptly.

"Why won't you just send out the two Deputy Commanders? They can enter the contest instead," Rocky retorted and rolled his eyes. Just as he had expected, Marin wanted him to join the Army Flag Contest for political purposes. But Rocky was busy building his laboratory, and he wasn't willing to waste his time on the contest.

"Both Deputy Commanders have important tasks at hand. Anyway, all you have to do is make a public appearance. Your sole mission is to make the number of participants grow. And when the Army Flag Contest begins, you just have to follow the other Frontline Commanders and do what they do. It doesn't really matter if you lose the contest. I've already won ten times in a row for the northeast military camp. So it doesn't matter if we lose the Army Flag Contest this time," Marin proudly explained.

"Can I decline?" Rocky asked, folding his arms across his chest. He did not want to take part in the Army Flag Contest. At the thought of meeting Isis at the base camp, Rocky's stomach filled with butterflies, and his chest pounded. He did not want to mess with Isis again. He had sworn it from the depths of his heart. After all, he was fully aware that Isis was a defiant woman.

"This is an order! Unless you want to be transferred to the kitchen and do chores, I suggest you follow," Marin threatened as she stared Rocky down. She was determined to get what she wanted, and she would get it no matter what.

'What a ruthless woman!' Rocky thought to himself. 'But she is a Commander and I am only a breeder. I have no choice but to follow her command.' His face contorted, and his heart filled with anger, and dismay. He was helpless against Marin's authority.

"You haven't seen Sue in a long time, correct? You can take this chance to visit her." And with that, Marin tossed Rocky her token.

"I am grateful for your kindness," Rocky said in a monotone voice. His lips curled as he caught the token, but his hands clenched into fists. It was as if he and Marin were enemies in their previous lives. Why else would this formidable woman make so much trouble for him?

"Give my regards to my cousin when you meet her. And please, keep your attitude in check. I won't blame y

Sue agreed with delight. She could play with Rubygon once again. Rubygon seemed to sense her excitement and it pranced around the two.

Nodding his thanks to Sue, Rocky turned and stepped out of the Isis Pavilion. He planned on asking people for information about the Army Flag Contest when he noticed a familiar, petite figure. She was leading a couple of female guards, and they were walking towards him.

"What a coincidence!" Rocky sighed in dismay. He had tried to avoid her ever since he stepped foot in the base, but it was just his luck to bump into her.

This petite woman was none other than Isis.

Isis had seen Rocky even before he noticed her. She wasn't surprised to see him walking out of the Isis Pavilion. She assumed that he had just paid Sue a visit. A memory popped into Isis's head. That day when they were in the Isis Pavilion… her heart pounded with excitement, and she was flustered by the memory. She tried to hide her embarrassment from Rocky.

Accepting the circumstance he was in, Rocky steeled his heart and walked up to Isis to say hello. The female guards behind Isis did not know him however, so they dashed forward and stopped Rocky midway to protect their leader.

"Let him pass," Isis ordered. "He is a friend. Stand by, all of you."

The guards were surprised. It was the first time Isis acknowledged her association with a man, let alone initiate it. They exchanged doubtful glances, but proceeded to obey her orders without question.

"Commander Marin told me to greet you on her behalf," Rocky informed Isis.

"And where is she?" The Army Flag Contest will commence today. She should have entered the competition in compliance with the rules," Isis asked with authority in her voice.

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