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   Chapter 225 The Power Of Cultivation

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Rocky left the military camp as fast as they could and at last, reached the Ghost Village. Rocky brought Uriah to the center of the village to activate the Spirit Possession and they became a single being. Rocky had cured Uriah's spiritual source a month ago. No special conditions had requested him to activate the skill of Spirit Possession since then.

After Spirit Possession was activated, Rocky became ferocious. He took one Heaven Divine Lotus Seed out of his silk bag and then launched the flame power in his palm. In a second, refined by the flame, the Heaven Divine Lotus Seed glimmered. A gleaming light emitted out of it, and it started glimmering brighter and brighter. In a short while, Rocky felt a strong spiritual power oozing from the Heaven Divine Lotus Seed slowly and permeated his palm. This power flew into his body through his palm and started to circulate in his body. At last, the power converged at the spiritual source.

"There it is," he said, having sparkly eyes when he felt the change in his body. He was surprised too when he heard "The Heaven Divine is born from fire". Apparently, Isis was telling him that he should refine spiritual power from the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds by fire and absorb its essence.

'It sounds like Isis is blessed with immense talent and she is sure that I have Heaven Divine Lotus Seed. But I remember, she didn't stop me the other day. Now she conveyed her suggestion on how to refine Heaven Divine Lotus Seed to me through Marin. Well! I don't understand her intention by doing this. Her thoughts are so random and it is very unpredictable, ' Rocky thought with doubt. 'If Isis is ambiguous and is not sure that I am the man she is looking for, then she wouldn't take the daring and audacious step to let Marin tell me all of this.' Her incomprehensible performance really confused Rocky. He was unable to predict what this resourceful woman was thinking.

'Maybe I underestimate Isis. She was a well-deserved reputation of Deputy Commander in Chief of Crimson Dragon Group, ' he thought. Sheridan also told him Isis was brilliant and had been the best choice of being his apprentice. So, it must be reasonable for her to know he has the seeds.

The state of Spirit Possession couldn't sustain for a long time. So Rocky didn't have the time to guess what was going on in I

his lesson, Rocky went back to the Ghost Village and started some initial work for setting up his lab. In this world, it was such a difficulty to establish a lab. He drafted a few drawings required for constructing a lab pertaining to the primitive standard.

"I still need a plenty of materials for the lab. I am wondering if Super Beast Farm has sold my two baskets of things for a good price? If all the stuff are sold out, I will have lots of money..." Rocky spoke to himself, looking at his own drafts.

Two days had already passed fast.

Rocky came out of beast farm and planned to go to Evian City to purchase some materials for lab setup. When he passed by Marin's camp, he met Marin. Just nodding his head to her, he planned to move on. But Marin stopped him.

"Rocky, wait a second..." said Marin.

"What's the matter, Commander?" Rocky frowned his eyebrows and asked with doubt.

"I have observed you for a few days and I must say, you aren't busy. So I have a mission for you to complete," Marin said, with her beautiful eyes blinking.

"I'm not a spirit manipulator now, but a normal feeder. Being a feeder like this, what can I do for you?" Rocky thought Marin possibly didn't have anything important, but just wanted to make fun of him, so he wouldn't follow her order without any doubt.

"Don't panic. I won't let you do anything dangerous. I just want you to go to the base camp on behalf of me," Marin responded.

"Go to the base camp? Why do you want me to represent you?" Rocky narrowed his eyes and asked with curiosity.

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